Monday, March 31, 2008

hear ye, hear ye

March 31st 2008
Fiego Montinegro
may you rest in peace in cat heaven


sian fiego. its Rye's cat.
and the thought of me petting him just a few days ago before he died makes me even sorry for em. he's so old. and i can tell that he's ready to go because he seems so helpless. sob sob :'( he used to be one of the fattest cat i knew

well,moving on,
i want to give my kitties away. aini nak batman. hehe. my dad wants to BUY a new cat. menggedik ;p
dad says the cat has beautiful markings. heh. good for the cat.

well,will blog later-er. bye bye

Sunday, March 30, 2008

ring the alarm

eyh eyh you know whaaaaattttt :D

yesterday i tried on a pair of pants. i'm a size 0,so i took the pants and tried it on in the fitting room. guess what,

I TAK MUAT :D ahahahaha

i guess i have to move on to a size 1 then. see people,i'm getting fatter :)


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hari Sukan CBN ke-68

it was a good day. except the fact that i'm bloody sunburned and freakingly tired.
the results:

  1. Aidan
  2. Xavier
  3. Adele :D
  4. Pauline
it was good. i think. hehe. well,i'm very proud that Adele won third place this year. naik satu tangga :D
before this selalu last. haha. what do i care (x

some of my Xavier friends cried. uhuh. its because they lost to Aidan. again.
chill la k. u guys had the taste of victory for the last seven years. but i know you'll try harder :)

heh. what the hell am i doing? dah la aku adele. xD hahaaa . jadi pentraitor ho ho

mls nak cmnt on band. heh.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The New Beginning.

somehow everytime i got scolded, or lectured by my dad. i feel as if,my bond with him grows tighter.

let us all pray for Rye's grandmother.


Saturday, March 22, 2008


we got our uniforms back. i love love my coat :D
percussion is still not..umm good enough. we need more haram practices. haha

i would like to show you my kitties (:

ali :D hahaha

maluse (pronounced as ma-lus)

chicken o'shea :D :D :D


kanak-kanak riang

Friday, March 21, 2008

oh yeah,its all goood

Good Friday. yeap, so good :)

i woke up at 9 o'clock in the morning today. bright and early sunshine =)

i went out today with Rye and dia punya cousin. hoho. we went to the museum. yess we did. stupid history folio.

lookie lookie this! if ada org nak guna this picture,please ask for permission first.

rasa sayang band (:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

hehe :D

random stuff

i likeee

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

this is not funny

Maulidur Rasul.
theres this one girl who got, umm. possessed ;s


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Real name:
- Hanan Syahmi As'ad bt. Mas'od :)

- hanan, superfly

- female fatal xD

- when i'm grown up yes

High school:
- SMK Convent Bukit Nanas.

- uhh. nanti

Short or long hair:
- not that long but not short either

Are u a healthy freak:
- nope. i eat what i want =D

- i dunno

Do u have a crush on someone?:
- hehehe. adaa :)

Do u like yourself:
- i guess. i've lived this way since

- ive never pierced anything before. miehehe

Righty or Lefty:
- kanan hanan


- never had

- tak pernaaaaahhhhhh

Person you see in the morning:
- kakak. she sleeps beside me =.='

- first award?? uhh..cant recall

Sport you join:
- oh yeah,swimming. i'm a little guppy =D

- i had fishes as my first pet. wuhoo

- australia :D

- dunno

First crush:
- HAHA that was a looooonggggg time ago ;)


- rice and ginger chicken. yumm

- water.duh

I'm about to:
- inhale


Want kids:
- of course i do. haha :D

Want to get married:

Careers in mind:
- csi? oh wait, i want to create cosmetics and stuff :D ahaa!

Which is better? Lips or eyes?:
- eyes

Hugs or kisses:
- tough question :/

Shorter or taller?:
- tallerrrrr

Romantic or spontaneous:
- spontaneously romantic. hohoho

Sensitive or loud:
- loudly sensitive. AHAHAHAHA

Troublemaker or hesitant?:
- uhh o.o' i dunno


Kissed a stranger?:
- nope

Drank bubbles:
- yessss

Lost glasses/contacts:
- i dont wear em.

Ran away from home:
- i was about to once. ngeheh

Liked someone younger:
- uhhhhhhh next question. what?

Liked someone older:
- yeap.

Broke someone's heart:
- have i? o.o

Been arrested:
- nopah

Cried when someone died:
- datuk ;(


- i do. sometimes i dont. x)

- i guess...

- uhuh *big starry eyes*

Santa Claus:
- no.


- uhumm


Is there someone you want to be with right now?:
- yes yes

Do you believe in God?:
- Allah huakbar :D

nak tag spe? xde org dah la.

oh,thanks intan :)

tadaaaaaa =D

ehehehehehe. i like i like. i call it, "I'm Lost". x)


dont play tricks people. dont try to prank me. your crush? tiba-tiba jee

Friday, March 14, 2008

once upon a time,

i wanna picture like this one day :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i want yooouuuuuuuuuu

haha. guess what the headline all about x)


i cant believe theres actually band practice on last Tuesday. i thought theres not gonna be any. hehe :D
thanks to rye,i came to practice. hahahaha.
*phone rings*
*wakes up*
hanan: hello??
rye: hoi,kita pegi band sama2 tau. i pick u up later
hanan: HUH?? ada band kaaaa?????
rye: =.='

hahaha. tomorrow got band. yeap! i dah tanya. wuhhooo.

oh yeah, SPM results are out right? hehe. wonder what yi ling's gonna get. and shuet may. oh oh and sue faye!
god i miss her. ;(

well,i'll pray for the best for you guys. :)

ive got nothing more to say. so bye.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

undilah PAH

pah means PAS in kelantanese accent la people. i should say it infront of u guys nnti :D miehehe

oh yeaahhhh, Gombak sekarang area Pas. ( PAH ) haha. and did u know what mama, kakak, izzat and i did? *looks around* *whispers*, we stole bendera :D

haha. mmg kena la actually. it is our duty to take responsibility on cleaning the neighbourhood after election. so, what the hell =D

we grabbed some bendera with the galah thing ( galah reminds me of pogo sticks. hmm ) and ran back home cepat-cepat. everyone was like staring at us. haha,beats me

i'll be restless if i dont get a bendera PAH. mom brought me to a jalan yang ada bendera tu. apa lagi :) yay i got a bendera jepun color hijauuuu
my sis on the other hand,took two BN flags. my bro was to chickened to curik some. heh. i nak keadilan punyaaa

=.=' nvm. i'll get it one day.

oh oh,yesterday was Lula's Birthday :D thanks for inviting me :)
it was so fun. haha. i think its because i get to play with that someone's camera. woooooo.

how do u spell outvidazein? haha idk.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

its a week to be jolly

the holidays are on baby! and yes,its one week of break. thats just general ye. more detailed;
~ sit at home je. i dont even know if i can go out or not
~ theres like, kerja khursus and all. haaihh =.=
~ i dont know what to type anymore.

my sister is being such a pain in the ass. i can go mad if i live with her. and i am living with her. nasib baik not alone. gahhh. living with my brother i suka :) ehehe. EAT THAT SISTA! muahaha

i badly want to go out. these people i miss so so much:
hana,kin,ainaa,aiman,megat,MUAZ ;( , and the rest of the people kat setiawangsa tu


Thursday, March 06, 2008

big whoop

tadaaaaa. i'm blogging again.
was away because of a friggin test.
critics =D

bm: uh... no cmnt. im kinda suckish in bm. dang
bi: easy lah. i wrote a lot. and you know what? i only wrote in ONE paragraph. *bangs head on wall*
agama: i studied. leads to= boleh la jawab. lets just pray for the best
maths: haha. careless mistakes banyak
science: easy =) paper 2 was ok. i'd die if i dont get an a for science
geo: lalalala. >:)
sej: muahahahah >=)
kh: *machine gun*

so yeah. thats it. i dont take chinese paper. if tak,mesti merahh punya =D
haha. k lazy to blog bye

Monday, March 03, 2008

dark blue

sheesh. somebody's complaining bout me not blogging. ngeh.

Just had my KH,BM and BI paper. Yeap,another exam. Bloody school. (bak kata mak iylia haha)

i hope i get to score on all the papers. KH was kinda easy. there were like 30 questions only. i'd be stupid to not score ;s BM was easy too. just 10 subjective questions and a summary. did u know that my summary had only 60+ words. so damn sikit. i never knew that it was going to be that short. maximum 80 words kan? well,i did just wrote down what the questions want only. no beginning whatsoever. nevermind laa. >:)
everybody was panicking about the BI paper. nearly everyone knew what was gonna come out. well,hampir la dgn the real question. wtv,i just wrote what comes up my mind


i wonder if lessons are going to be on as usual tomorrow. since theres just gonna be chinese paper tomorrow, i'm hoping that theres not gonna be sesi PMP (pmp yeh?).
sooo malas la nak study :) but yes of course buat revision.
History,Geography and Agama is gonna be on Thursday. wish me luck yaww

i have to be good in Agama. i'm a muslim. i diwajibkan to be good in Agama. :) yeah baby