Friday, December 30, 2011

sekadar mengongsi

Masih ingat kiamat 2012? JANGAN PERCAYA DULU. Akan tetapi, kiamat menurut Agama Islam : Kemunculan Imam Mahdi - Kemunculan Dajjal - Keturunan Hazrat Isa (AS) - Kemunculan Yajooj dan Majooj - Terbitnya matahari dari Barat ke Timur - Pintu pengampunan akan ditutup - Dab'bat al-Ard akan keluar dari tanah dan akan menandai muslim yang sebenar-benarnya - Kabut selama 40 hari akan mematikan semua orang beriman sejati sehingga mereka tidak perlu mengalami tanda-tanda kiamat yang lainnya - Sebuah kebakaran besar akan menyebabkan kerosakan; Pemusnahan Kaabah, tulisan dalam al-Quran akan lenyap, sangkakala akan ditiup pertama kalinya binatang-binatang dan orang-orang kafir yang tersisa akan mati, semua gunung dan bangunan akan runtuh - Tiupan sangkakala yang kedua kalinya akan membangkitkan semua ciptaan Allah dan bertemu dia dataran Arafah menuju saat penghakiman mereka. Dan matahari akan mendekatkan dirinya ke bumi. 

Nabi Muhammad SAW telah bersabda;
"Barang siapa yang mengingatkan ini kepada orang lain, akan Ku buatkan tempat syurga baginya pada hari penghakiman kelak."

Kita boleh kirim ribuan mesej mesra, post berjuta-juta post di twitter dan facebook tapi, bila kirim yang berkaitan dengan ibadah, mesti berfikir dua kali.

Allah SWT berfirman;
"Jika engkau lebih mengejar duniawi daripada mengejar dekat denganKu maka Aku berikan, tapi Aku akan menjauhkan kalian dari syurgaKu."

Dan apakah saudara masih berfikir-fikir dua kali untuk menyebarkan mesej ini? Sebarkanlah ia samada melalui facebook mahupun di blog-blog kalian. Copy paste pun tak susah kan?


Thursday, December 29, 2011

welcoming you with open arms

Twas a good day indeed.

Got to meet my beautiful high school friends; Aliah, Fatin and Aimi.
Saskia got me the book I was searching for like mad. A saint, she is.
Getting a text from that someone was the icing on the cake. Scratch that, that person coming home WAS the icing on the cake.

Alhamdulillah. I'm blessed. Blessed indeed.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

sweet like candy

So we went to a wedding yesterday. Mom and Dad met their uni friends over there and at one point I felt that it was a reunion instead of a wedding. Haha.

They're so blessed that they got to meet over there in the States, fell in love and even got married during their time of stay. Mom was a junior from Iowa State University majoring in architecture and Dad was a senior from Drake pursuing his degree/master in MBA (I think...). They were neighbors and that's how they got to meet each other.

I personally love LOVE these stories. And sitting there, surrounded by Dad's old friends, listening to them reminiscing about the good ol' days was heartwarming. Who knows, I'll get my chance one day eyh?

Dad mentioned a friend. He said that he went to the States on the same day as this guy and on the same plane too. Coincidentally, they boarded the SAME PLANE on the SAME DAY again back home after they both graduated. The cute part is, they went as bachelors, single and ready to mingle. On the way home, both of them each has a wife and a masters in hand. And ironically, the wives are roommates. What a small world.

These are the types of stories for you to tell your kids and grandkids. ♥

Friday, December 23, 2011

kasih sayang

Everyone has their fair share of experience with love and affection.
Heck, it's what we always think of, yearn for and dream about.
The media has played a big role in portraying pretty images of what love is all about and gave us all hope that Mr. Knight in shining armor will come into our lives magically one day, sweep us off our feet and strode off into the sunset heading for eternal bliss and yes of course, matrimony then live happily ever after.

But what they didn't tell us is the "what ifs".

Say, what if, he's going to leave?

Love. What is love?
Who on Earth can define that word, that's spoken of way too many times in a day. That's totally overrated. That's so addictive.

Well, us humans are sent here just for that. To find one another.
I remember a quote from the movie Aquamarine.
"Love is the closest thing to magic."
And that's why my friends, is why we're all so in love with the idea of love.

I see it everyday. Love is like heroin. On twitter, Tumblr or just talking to my friends.
Why is he doing this to me? Please say hi first. Forever alone. I'm never going to be good enough. Do you think he likes me?

This silly little four lettered word makes us crazy, irrational, obsessive, sad and happy all in the same time. We can't think straight when we're so caught up in it. People say love is like a drug and evidently it lives up to that quote.

My dear sisters,
I'm here to tell you the bitter reality of when our hopes and dreams collide with our expectations.
It's not all rainbows and unicorns when you fall in love. It's euphoric, the feeling you get when it's mutual. But having to fall or have affection for someone takes deep patience. Most of the time, we don't get things our way. Like what we do when we want to achieve something, we usually say our prayers first. It's sort of the same thing with love.
Don't go asking God to let him fall for you or pursue you. That's being selfish.
Why not try asking in a more demure way like "Dear God, I seek for Your guidance. If he is my destiny, then please fasten it and let him come to me. If he is not my destiny, push him away and obscure these feelings from me. If he is not my destiny, I thank You for the period of time that I've gotten to know him and thank You for giving me faith."
Now doesn't that sound a bit nicer? By putting it that way, indirectly it makes you more prepared for the outcome.

The things that love does to us girls. Sigh. To be honest with you, it makes me scared.
One of the many reasons I'm afraid to fall.

For fear, that no one is there to catch me.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

one night as a mermaid

Thought I'd share some pictures from the other night. I had to help a friend out with coordinating her senior prom. It was fun! And who knows, it might just be the beginning to my PR career :p

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wave yearn

The first few scenes of the movie depicted Izzah's life in her hometown, her kampung.
They showed her daily activities; teach children how to read the Qur'an as an ustazah, riding the bike to and fro where she taught and where she resided with her uncle and aunt and also her hardships in taking care of her sick aunt. It's a tough life but that's not what I'm going to talk about here in this post.

What most of you do not know is, I have a want, a yearn, for that simple kampung life.

I'm a city girl. I was born and raised in KL. So you must be thinking, "I don't think she'll survive...".
Oh come on, I've stayed in my kampung where you had to go outside the house in order for you to go to the loo okay. A furnished bathroom with an exceptional built-in drainage system would be fantastic and a plus if you're living in the kampung.

What I love about having to live such a life is getting to wake up and inhale unpolluted fresh air. Walk through paddy fields of vast green that seems to be going on forever. Wear baju kurung everyday. Get a simple job that makes just enough money to support you and your family. Play kites, congkak, hide and seek instead of cooping up in my room going online. Chase chickens and goats around or climb coconut trees. Eat good, simple dishes.
Sigh. The life.
I'll admit that it won't be as easy as it sounds, but I assure you it'll be a content and happy one.

Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm too influenced by the pretty pictures displayed by the media. I don't know.
I hope I'll marry a guy who has a kampung. HARHAR.

imy. january, promise♥

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dearly Departed by DeVotchKa

How I miss your heart
Beating next to mine

The right words
Were always hard to find
When all our time was fine
When darling you were mine, all mine

And I know, I know you had no choice
But how I miss your voice
Singing right with mine

Flesh of my flesh
Soul of my soul
I come back home

All this darkness, cannot hurt us
Cause they made you from the light
Here on birthplace, don't be nervous
You will make it through, this night

How I miss your heart
Beating next to mine

Flesh of my flesh
Soul of my soul
I come back home

Friday, December 16, 2011

do you listen to wizard wrock?

Preferably one related to Harry Potter or Star Wars. Geheh.



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

heaven is a place on earth with you

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

Chemistry 101's final exam marks the end of the Fall semester. My first ever semester.
I came in, not knowing what to expect. Half scared. Half excited. And a whole lot of ambiguous emotions.
Hundreds of strangers; unknown faces. Later on, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the new things and the new procedures and worst of all, doing things all on yourself. Having to fend for yourself is quite the challenge, coming from a government school where mostly everything was spoonfed or served on a silver platter (well not exactly, I might be exaggerating a tad bit but everything was much more simpler back then).

Reality hit me, and it hit me hard. Right in the gut.
It was time to grow up. It was finally time to be adults.

So I did what I had to do, put on an armor and journey my way into adulthood. Hoho.
You would think that college-life is more laidback, where there are less subjects and you have more time to yourself... WELL THINK AGAIN.

Praises to the Almighty, alhamdulillah I survived!
Strangers have become close acquaintances. Lecturers began to notice me (cannot. hide.). I slowly began to feel some sense of belonging there when I'm with my friends. And then gradually developed a daily routine starting with spending my mornings with my beloved Blair (you better love me for doing this).
Mmm indeed, college-life is tougher. But it's not so bad when you've got your friends suffering along with you. Haha.

Am now on holidays till the 30th of January!


 To do list:

  • Read some books
  • LOTR marathon
  • Start going to the gym again
  • Update iPod playlist
  • Take time for myself and catch up on Z's
That's it so far. There's a lot more stuffs to do like cleaning my room but I'll save that for later I'M ON HOLIDAY SUCKAS.

Monday, December 12, 2011

princesses aren't perfect either

Just something I came across Tumblr. Thought I'd share it with you.

Why was Snow White given a poisoned apple?
-To show us that not everyone is gonna be kind & not everyone is really who they say they are.
Why did Cinderella run away at midnight?
- To remind us that everything does have its limitations, even dreams.
Why did Ariel exchange her fins for feet?
- To show us that people are willing to give up anything to be with who they love & to just be happy.
Why did Aurora sleep for 100 years?
- To tell us that you might have to wait for quite some time for your true love to come along, sometimes very long, but it’s worth it.
Why did Princess Jasmine fall for Aladdin?
- To let us know that what the heart wants, it wants it no matter what.
Why was Belle in love with a Beast?
- To remind us that you can’t really help what’s on the outside, but if the inside is beautiful, then nothing will stand in the way of your love.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

all day play

Very, very lucky indeed. To have this set of friends.
Not forgetting Maria, Farah, Glow, Missy and Auffique OH AND SHAHIR.
Uni life has been treating me well actually.
And that one Mr. :)

Friday, December 09, 2011


This actually silenced me.
Did it get you to think that you were on his mind too?
Maybe it's a mutual thing?

Thursday, December 08, 2011

oh som

And love is a thing that you can't define
Though you try with all your might through the riddles and rhymes
But it'll fly you like a kite; it'll throw you to the ground
But that's the best thing I have found.

And it comes and it goes
Where it’s headed no one knows
And we come and we go
Like the winter and the spring
Losing everything just to gain it back again

Middle Of June by Noah Gundersen

I've always been captivated by his songs. May favs are Middle Of June and The Ocean. 
He's kind of a gospel singer I guess. Real good acoustics.

Today, I really stopped and listened to what he sang into my ears.
And those few lines I just posted up there, really spoke to me. I just had to share it here. (To whoever that's reading of course)

It was a productive day for me. Studied chemistry, went to class, thanked Ms. B for what she has taught. Went for lunch with the girls. Reminisced the old days by playing immature BUT FUN primary-school games. Azira was the mastermind behind all of these ideas of course (because she's so in touch with her innocence LOL). One of them was "Your True Love/First Date/First Night/First Kiss/First Marriage(?)/First Boyfriend Future Candidate" WHICH WAS SO ENTERTAINING. Us kids during primary, can't believe we were so creative and smart with all these tilik nasib (fortune telling) things. 
The other game was naming a name, a country, an animal, a dish or food, an object and an artist starting with a chosen alphabet. OH MEMORIES <3 I loved this game. Tell you what, it's still awesome. Shahir (I know you're reading this) was kinda suckish at it. Hehe. I'm pretty sure we got pretty rusty at playing this game anyways.

Then Sask came and picked me up. Talked a lot. She said something really heart-warming and that one line really means a lot to me.
"You deserve to feel... that feeling... to be swept off your feet."
Fact. I've never had that feeling before. 
Hm. I don't know if I deserve that, but if I do, I surely will have that when it's time. InsyaAllah.
Patience is a virtue.

Now I shall leave you with Noah Gundersen's Middle Of June. Enjoy.

Monday, December 05, 2011

sparkly boyfriend

Mother of god

I pray that I won't see the day my brother catches me on 9gag.

Thursday, December 01, 2011


If you guys have some time to spare, please help me fill up a survey. It will only take you about 3 minutes tops!
I'd appreciate it so so much :)