Thursday, July 10, 2014



A strong word used to describe a person who undergoes physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

It is a sensitive word, especially to the female population. Not to say that the opposite gender does not suffer as victims of this vicious act, but it definitely rings a bell to the rest of us women, simply due to the injustice that we have received on our end whenever such a tragedy happens. It is deeply unfortunate, infuriating and saddening for us.

So, why is it so bad for us to hate or dislike the word? Say whenever someone takes the word in vain and use it to define some other concept that has NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER to what that person wishes to deliver. For example:

  1. insta-rape : used to describe whenever a person's Instagram is hijacked
  2. "Germany raped Brazil in last night's match!"
Clearly, in both of these scenarios, no one was actually raped. 

Okay, and then you come back at me by saying, "Why are you so sensitive? We don't mean it LITERALLY."


Go ahead and misuse the word. Go ahead and attach porn to any other word there is out there too. Foodporn, catporn, etc.

Go ahead and attach these vulgar terms in your sentences; a staple in your dictionaries. String them between your teeth and make it a norm in your daily conversations. This includes all the other vulgar words out there. I don't have to list them out. You would surely know.

And by then the kids in kindergarten would start blasting out f-bombs over their lunchboxes during lunchtime. Teenage boys would call girls the b-word and the girls wouldn't mind because, oh you know, it's normal. No need to get so worked up about it! 

Oh and hey, great news! Your future kids will call you a regular a-hole! And they will tuck in the word rape every so often in between their conversations to describe something that is not actually, guess what? RAPE!

So tell me, how is it okay to rape a person? Never? Okay.
How is okay it to use the word "rape" in vain? Explain.