Monday, October 27, 2008


So it was Mama's Birthday yesterday!

DeepaBirthday :D

i was so glad i bought her stuff. i bought her this Body Shop strawberry fraise that smells good enough to eat. mcm jam ya know

then i bought some slices of cakes from Coffee Bean. it was yummy :D

i went out with Lia and Thiya to Pavi for movies and thought it was also a great opportunity to buy mama gifts. thanks guys haha

we saw and experienced Pavi in a different way i guess. a real painful way. we were all wearing killer heels see. so not gonna do that again

haha my mom said i was crazy when she realized my heels were outside. xD

Friday, October 17, 2008

stares blankly into space

yea pmr dah habis.




tak ada perasaan sebenarnya. all i can think of is my haven on earth, my safe and peaceful sanctuary, my kekasih dia sanubari,

my katil :)

now my mind can rest at its fullest, deepest hibernating mode that has nothing to worry about anymore and its like nothing is of its' concern...wakaka

aku nak tido!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


f*cking betch! he turned red! OMG ITS GORGEOUS XD XD XD

and look at that polaroid camera yum yum yummy! god this is an awesome picture. lucky bitch :)

and some of his tattoos are done by Kat Von D obviously. she rocks shit

zomgrockshiznit 8D i dont know why but i adore these weird people. call me crazy/weird/insane, heck who are you to judge me.

Jeffree Star is more of the glam rock pink kinda shim. Chris is more like the soft feminine one.

haha at least i think so. lol

bye gonna drool on his new fierce hair now

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Riang Raya di Pagi Syawal

saya pohon maaf dari hujung rambut hingga ke hujung kaki jikalau saya telah melukakan hati anda atau membuat kesilapan sepanjang tahun ini. saya harap saudara dan saudari dapat memaafkan saya dengan tulus ikhlas sepenuh hati. halalkanlah segala makanan dan rezeki yang sudah anda kurniakan.

oh dan tidak dilupakan,

its the kids' birthday. LOL MEGAT IS OLD NOW HAHA. happy birthday boy =)
you rock and i had a great time at your crib. ahh old schoolmates, i miss.

well, this was raya for us..

padan muka. org lain semua blurr :D
unfinished house.
dad said its a kandang kambing.
har di har har
gedik uncle wants a picure too.
well who blames him x)

ha ha ha