Saturday, May 30, 2009

kutu buku

hey freaks. been a loooooonnggggg time since i last blogged. i know, you all missed me? kan? kan? :D

so, Me, Fatin and Zkay started this hey-can-i-borrow-your-book-kinda-thing. it was small at first cause i liked to borrow Fatin's books and ask Zkay book-ish stuffs from the library (which is like her second crib). then some of our other classmates joined our club like Syasya, Anisah and Riza. soon before any of us knew what was happening, it became a book club. yes of course, i thought of it :p

hehe. some of the books i got to borrow and read were

and i am yet to read this one

my book Amazing Grace by Megan Shull is definitely a success in the crowd. hehe bangga :D

our little book club is regularly in motion everyday in class. and like any other book clubs, yes, we talk about the books we've read together and suggest any other good books that we own.

i know it sounds lame to some of you, but this book club is like a bonding thing you know. for me at least. were all different in so many ways but share the same passion for reading. and so i decided to name our book club.

hmm. 4T.

Top Book Club? nah

Testosterone Book Club?

Tantalizing Book Club?

TingTing Book Club?

Telophase Book Club?

after i weighed my options, i decided to call it something really simple. kinda cliche but what the heck.

thus, The Book Club was born.

girls, i want to try and read some Judi Picoult and Jane Austen books. LETS GO HUNTING.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

tote fab

Hello blog :D

Hello readers :D

Hello Mojo :D

btw this is Mojo


and i had fun with Anisah :D