Wednesday, December 26, 2007

happy feet

*dancing* :D :D :D

i'm happy because that certain someone just sms-ed me (: akihirnya. too bad he cant online though. sigh. dah lama tak chat kan?
well,i missed you too (: (: (: (x infinity)

oh yeah! finally, i bought my school books. wohoo. and i also got my bass baby back! :D
the pakcik was like, "kenapa lambat ambik?" and i went, " *grins* oh,ahh..hari tu kawan saya tak dapat ambikkan :D".

then he opened the office door. *WHOPACK!* there were more instruments than i thought. actually,i thought i was the only one left. turns out there are THREE more tubas! :o you guys are soooo gonna get it. school is reopening soon. better get before its too late ya'll. i only took my bassy because the car was kinda packed with my books haha. and the pakcik went, " itu je? yang lain taknak?", my pakteh laughed and i went," hehe *big grin* tak..,terima kasih ye pakcik :)" thank god the pakcik was there to rescue me from being scold by chua :D hooray pakcik!

i dislike eating the sameee food over and over again. eating at home was like THAT. even eating rice twice a day bores me now. just now,babah,kakak and i didnt eat rice at all. ok,babah ate some la but my sister and i just ate the lauk (: eheh. my brother NEVER gets tired of his food. imagine eating plain white rice with fried chicken breast every single day. i'd die of boredness. i wonder when is he gonna give up his picky eating habit. macam mana la nak hidup if macam tu. sigh.

why not take a crazy chance? why not do a crazy dance?
if you lose a moment,you might lose a lot
so why not? why not?