Sunday, December 23, 2007

glory glory Man United (:

oh yes,they won yesterday :D versus Everton by 2-1. go Christiano Ronaldo xDD (my friends are madly insane for him)

i went to KLCC yesterday with Rye. then met up with Farid at first. then came Rye's friends Ferrie, Nabil and Shah. ahah. i didnt even know why did they came. all of a sudden.

well,half of the people there are planning to go to VI for the dinner (something something). I didnt tag along cause.. you know. i cant (: geheh. and i also bought a baju kurung sekolah. YAY.

today,i'm planning to go to CBN to buy books :D
but THEN,jeng jeng jeng
tadi try buka shower,NO HOT WATER. ^%$&!@*#^%#*!&%$@
and how am i supposed to go now? i dont want to bathe in the cold water. erkk.
so,i had some time to kill before 1 o'clock (the bookstore opens till 1) then i decided to blog :D haha
so now,here i am. half-naked wearing a towel blogging. =.=
sad.i know.