Friday, January 04, 2008

oh sekolah,


and its the 2nd day. sorry didnt update bout the first day. kena jarang online sikalang ho ho ho x)
the first day was alright. everyone was greeting us form 3s with, " Selamat Datang ke Sesi Pagi :D " and such.
beh. whatever. rye,zkay and I got back home together. but before we really get a move on,we stopped at the nametag making kedai near maju. and it was PACKED! punya la ramai hilang nametag.... nice one rye,YOURE ONE OF THEM. then we ate at maju skejap. then got back home :D which is the great part. dapat tido akhirnya!

today was ... boring? geh. my class teacher is Puan Norhasifah. shes teaching us BM. wuhoo. shes very motherly =D haha. if ada student datang kat kelas mesti macam," ye sayang,yes? ye sayang kenapa? etc etc" eheh. ok la. our science teacher was my friend's mother. boleh lah. can tahan i think. because i'll always do science homework hoho. its the other subjects i'm worried about =) ouh yeah,we got our books today. and some of the chinese students who helped cikgu give away the books was kinda UNFAIR. i mean, they get to choose the new,nice, pretty books while others dapat yang macam crap. rye demanded for new ones because its unfair la kan. dah la nama diorang semua macam belakang-belakang (ikut namelist la). haih.

wokay,will update later-er. online weekdays je. but my mom says i online 24/7. YEA RIGHT.