Friday, March 06, 2009

stereotyping by JAB

WARNING: For those of you who 'terasa' after reading this.. Alaaaaa face it, I'm just stating the truth. I'm trying to see this issue from everyone's point of view. I may have exaggerated a bit. Aku bajet tahu je tentang issue2 ni. XD

I don't get people who make fun of other people's way of speaking/way of dressing/the friends they mingle with/ etc etc.
Now I'm going to make fun of the people who make fun of other people then label MYSELF as a hypocrite.

Example A: Budak KL berlagak Cool yang Cakap English dengan American/British Accent
Example B: Budak Kampung dari Tempat Ulu yang Rempit/Shuffle dan Tak Berapa Pandai Cakap English

I jadi orang tengah. I don't know where I belong (but I think I belong to 'Example B'). XD
So, I'm confused. (I go merata-rata tempat. Most of my friends memang orang KL/Shah Alam/Petaling Jaya.) (But yang dari KL yang paling siot.) (LOL)

-- Scenario 1 --

Budak KL says to me: Eyh, back in -insert tempat ulu here- you baik dengan budak2 shuffle sume? Eeeee. Shuffle bodoh lah. Banyak budak2 buat just because it's easy. They smoke and ride motorcycles and bising2 bila ada girls pass by lah! Not cool!

Me: Not all budak2 shuffle macam tu! Don't label people lah!!

Budak KL: Whatever lah

-- Scenario 2 --

Budak Kampung says to me: Eeeee, pakwe ko budak KL?? Bapok ah!! Budak KL sume berlagak nak mampos!! Dah melayu tu cakap lah melayu.. Berlagak Mat Salleh tapi muke dan bontot dorg hitam macam orang melayu biase jugak!! Bangang ah..

Me: Yeaaah aku stuju ngan ko doh... tapi bukannye semua budak KL camtu doh.. Ade gak yang ok je..

Budak Kampung: Pape je lah


So... I know what you're thinking.

"What the hell is your point???"


I'm just saying that labeling people is not a nice thing to do.
Mr Budak KL, what if one of your closest friends suddenly became a shuffler?
You kutuk2 dia ke you biar je? Kalau u biar je, u hypocrite lah weyh! Just because he's your friend u tak nak kutuk pulak kan?

Mr Budak Kampung, kalau one of your friends tibe2 'speaking' je 24 jam, awak kutuk tak? Awak cakap dia berlagak ke awak biar je? Kalau awak biar je, awak hipokrit leee... Just because he's ur friend tak nak lah kutuk2 lah pulak? Kesian dia lah pulak?

What happens bila Budak KL date Budak Kampung or vice versa? Kawan2 Budak KL make fun of the Budak Kampung ke sebab dah di-labelled as Budak Kampung? Kawan2 Budak Kampung kutuk2 Budak KL ke sebab dah di-labelled as berlagak?

But oh! Then we make things far more complicated when we stumble upon 'Budak Kampung duduk KL' and 'Budak KL duduk Kampung'.



How they speak (making fun of people with 'natural/original accents' e.g Terengganu-Malay accent, Kelantan-Malay accent, Johor-Malay accent, or Perak-Malay accent isn't nice.) (or else just quit speaking altogether ahahaha) (But hey.. If you don't look like you're white [or black], don't try to speak as though you are.) <-- That annoys me the most 7.7

What they wear (just because some can afford Prada or Chanel or Gucci doesn't instantly make them cool.. kalau perangai dah macam sial who cares about what you wear kan)

What they DON'T wear (just because you CAN'T afford designer clothes doesn't make you uncool. Baju bundle pon ok je asalkan you're ok with it)

What they have (just because you have the latest iPhone or what ever doesn't make you cool. And again, kalau perangai dah macam sial who cares about what you bloody have, man!)

What they DON'T have (just because you don't have a Wii or PS3 doesn't make you uncool or poor)

Where they're from (Kenny Hills ke, Beverly Heights ke, Semenyih ke, Jerantut ke, Ulu Klang ke, Batu Caves ke, Kampung Chengkenik ke, Kuala Lipis ke, that doesn't matter, okay!!)

What they DON'T know (that doesn't automatically make him stupid.. One day there'll be something YOU don't know and someone might label YOU as stupid pulak kan?)

What music they listen to (just because he's emo doesn't mean he only listens to screamo music..etc)

What music they DON'T listen to ("ko tak suke Meet Uncle Hussein?? Ko sial!!!" or "You don't like the Jonas Brothers?? Go to hell, B*tch!!!")

What they do (nobody's perfect and everyone has the right to do what ever they want [except rape people])

How they look (a guy might be hot gile but mana tahu he turns out to be a rapist.. A guy yang nampak macam serial killer might just be harmless and the president of the Malaysian Gardening Society or something. Don't judge a book by its cover.)

Who they are (who cares if you're an Anak Datuk, Anak Raja, Anak Alien, Anak Dinosaur, Anak Menteri Besar, Anak Kucing (haha) Anak Prime Minister, Anak Luar Nikah (haha), Anak Ex Convict, or Anak Murderer!! You are who YOU are, no matter who your parents are.)

Because everyone's the same once we die.

Tak kira your status or lack of it, how much money you have/don't have and etc, bila you're heading to your grave none of that even matters.

Semua orang, orang juga.
Orang miskin, orang kaya, orang gila, orangutan, orang bunian, orang siam, dan kalau orang tambah e jadi orange. (I bet now you've figured out that I'm not that sane, right?)

Apa-apa pun, I still despise anyone who smokes. Tak kira lah who you are.


Kill me if you want.

I don't care.

I hate everyone.


~LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX (and then go blog about it)~


written by an inspiring author. JAB; Just Another Blogger.

this dude/chick has a point you know. and he/she speaks the truth! and i would like to add to his/her comment on these people, some of them befriend with some people just because of their money/wealth/FRIENDS(yes they use people) and whatever shit you can think of.


Ya Allah. insan-insan yang beginilah yang meracuni fikiran orang-orang yang "innocent" la dikatakan.

and so what if dia tak pakai original products or whatever. maybe he/she has a better education than you do.

besides, its not how its worth, ITS HOW YOU WEAR IT. how you present it and such.

think about yourself, before you criticize others. toodles.