Thursday, March 19, 2009

when seremban meets kl

i just got home from Seremban yesterday. BY HOLY-F*CKING-BUS. like holy crap. ha ha.


my stay in Seremban was. . . . calming. yes :D
to those who are in search of a retirement home, i suggest Lavender Heights may be the idyllic place to find peace, quiet and tranquility.

we stayed at home. most of the time all of the time. yeah, theres hardly anything to do there. except jogging i guess. but nahh i didnt go jogging either. instead i sat on Rye's roof and enjoyed the panoramic view. priceless :)
i was accompanied by the slow cool breeze, warm hugging sunlight and verdant greeneries. the lot beside her house was empty. the tall grasses appeared like sawah you know. so jyeah, ada rasa kampung tu.

one particular thing i like about Seremban; its traffic.
no massive pile-ups like the ones we have in Ampang! ZOMG. but the drivers there, stupid la i tell you.

one particular thing i hate about Seremban; its people.
yeah sure i have no right to make stories or spread false rumors about them. but some stories are true.

" these people here belagak you know. they think they have drivers and whatsoever theyre big rich people. its like they own the world! "
" these people are staring at you as if you were an alien. "
Aunty Sarah and Uncle Lee told me some cold, harsh but true facts.
and i did felt like an alien T_T

regardless, i'm glad i live here in KL! wakakaka.

thanks for the accommodation Rye. i wuv vu :3

here are some pictures from CBN's 110th Birthday Celebration.
um well, this was after :D

just some of our rocking jump pictures. and these arent even half of em :D