Saturday, March 07, 2009


its official.

i'm failing my add maths. sigh.

i'm glad i got it off my chest. i told mom. i told my tutor. they were quite upset. and i'm so gonna pay =_=

i have to strive for excellence! :B

i'm so stupid sometimes i feel like choking myself to death. its my bloody first test and i'm already failing. i'm supposed to score for first exams because its easy. turned out to be the other way around.

now i know the feeling of being so depressed.

now i know why my seniors are always so moody and panicked when exams are near.

now i know why they have gray hair.

now i know why some teens commit suicide.

i'm not suicidal like Sean Kingston.

now i know why they move into accounts stream.

damn they are lucky. in a way. . .

now i know why they have fever after studying. especially add maths.

sue faye to be particular.

thinking of studying makes me wanna poop. ugh.