Sunday, March 15, 2009

fly like paper

get high like planes. . .

as i was walking towards the loo to get my wudhu, i caught a glimpse of my dad in his room. dancing to his javanese tune. shirtless.


his tummy is an unflattering sight to see.
regardless, i'm glad that he's a happy man.

i know right, you must be wandering have i gone mental or not?

well as i was getting ready to pray, i kept reminiscing about what i saw earlier. dad dancing while no one was staring. it gave me the impression that he's feeling good and upbeat today.

the bigger impact it had on me was, all the little things in life, the things we hardly see, the small gestures performed by the ones surrounding us, theyre all gifts.

i see that now. and it made me appreciate life a wee bit more :)

yeah sure you guys might think that this is a stupid post about me getting an epiphany on life's meaning or something, but hey! it was a slapper.

life. we shall all ponder.


this is going to come out Spring of 2009 and 27th of March to be exact.

reminds me of someone's birthday *wink wink*

its about graduated kids or something working at Adventureland.

i think it'll be funny :D

i sooo sooo wanna see.


one recent movies i've watched. i'll tell you this, i'll watch a million times again! :D some say its boring. PFFTHHH I BEG TO DIFFER. its really really nice and it made my heart go rainbow.

wee! i recommend you watch it A.S.A.P!