Friday, May 21, 2010




Now, who says Superman is not a fashion icon?

Saturday, May 08, 2010

what lies beneath

I have come to terms with the saying; "don't judge a book by its cover". Regardless of how many times I've wrote the phrase in my essays and advices (yes, I give out advices I can't take), I can't help judging people by how they appear physically.

There is this one kid in school who looks really innocent. Like muka tak cukup umur punya innocent. She is younger than me, obviously. Quite petite and kind of quiet. Well, thats how I see it. But hey was I wrong. She turned out to be the type who hangs with boys after school. Alone. And walks back to school later on and wait for her parents to fetch her. She also got called by the school's discipline teacher a few times.

Or maybe this other girl I first laid eyes on at the nearby mamak restaurant from school. I never saw her before. Zkay pointed out the girl to me saying that that girl is from our school and she wears the tudung. Ahh, maybe thats why I haven't seen her around. She sat at the back of the restaurant, tudungless, with a table-full of SJI boys. One of em must be her boyfriend.
On that day, I took the evening bus home. So I had like 3 hours to kill before the afternoon batch finishes school. I went to Popular Bookstore to accompany Zkay and was fancying an Alice In Wonderland book which looked so authentic and rustic in a way. Then went back to school and waited for my bus to come. While waiting, a girl came to me and asked me for my assistance. Her crisis? Add maths. Should've known. Thankfully, I remembered those vague memories on how to tackle last years' crap. But there was still a lot of time to waste before bell rings. Which led me on my way to Cap Square and guess what? I saw that tudungless girl. Again. But this time, it was just her and her boyfie. Oh boy did I gave her the stare.

You see, we are easily deceived by what we see. Something so pretty could be ugly on the inside. Someone who looks easy on the eyes may have rotten secrets. But not every ugly piece of junk appears to be worthless. Just like diamonds, you have to dig hard to see its' true self.

I hate curse words (even if I use them occasionally). But I really hate it when those words are enunciated infront of adults or worse, kids. SMALL-FREAKING-NAIVE-KIDS.

This guy (code name: X) is from SJI and happens to be in the same bus as I am. As you all should know, my bus is jammed packed with kids from primary school. And X is totally oblivious to the fact that these kids will pick up whatever language they don't even understand what and how to use em! I can't even count the times he curses in one day. It's so pathetic and he gets on my nerves every time he yells a bad word. I seriously despised his attitude, his mintak-penampar-face and his hair which looks like a violation to fashion. I hope he doesn't kiss his mom with that mouth.

It was one of those days where I had to take the train back home. As usual, I'll get down at Setiawangsa, walk to the back and pass by a woman who stays there everyday and begs for money before taking a cab back home. I wish I could offer the lady a lot more than just only 1 ringgit whenever I had enough to spare. As I was walking to the taxi stand, I noticed a school boy walking ahead. He looked somewhat familiar and his hair is giving me ideas of who he might be. When I got closer, I finally recognized that it was X. Hmm. Abruptly, he stopped. Infront of the lady. After his hands danced in his pockets, he took out a few 1 ringgit notes and placed it in the lady's cup. Bless his soul, for I was shocked, surprised and thankful to see him do that. It really caught me off guard, I mean, HIM of all people?

Like the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.