Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fast, cepat

fine. i'm doing all of you a favor. :p

it's the fourth day of fasting. i still cant believe Ramadan is here. its so surreal.
one minute, i was just about to start school and the other, the year is coming to an end.
buka celik, buka celik, dah puasa.
lepas puasa, Raya.
lepas Raya, exam.
lepas exam, habis sekolah.


my friend once said to me in my classroom,
"Hanan, can you please slow down. Lari sana, lari sini."

yeah, talk about kung fu hustle. haha. i always hear the quote, "time waits for no man" . or was it money?
us humans are in such a hurry. sometimes we just need a break from it all. from life even.
i've grown tired of racing to classes, hand in due projects and not to mention, juggle my daily social
yeah sure, i love my friends, but i hate whatever drama or crisis thats been on around in the circle.
all this hustle and bustle just makes me want to quit. LITERALLY.

from school.

from K.L.

from Malaysia.

i sometimes wish i could just quit my life here, and move on to Brunei with the rest of my family soon.
sure, Brunei is a boring country, Brunei is not as happening as KL, Brunei has lame people, Brunei this,
Brunei that..
whatever. at least its got nothing to do with anything over here.


last night's tarawih prayers are by far the longest compared to the other days i've been this month.
the Imam recited long, longgg surahs. kesian grandmas and aunts yang ada.
i was tired myself. i sort of slept while standing. haha!
but i didnt give in. i mean, it would be embarrasing since the veteran people boleh tahan.

i'm thankful that the makcik next to me was friendly.
in between the period after Isyak prayers and when tarawih was about to start, some ladies excused
themselves for.. a potty break i think?
"Semua orang terkentut," she wispered and shared a secretive smile. i cant help but to giggle.

its a bummer that Mum and Makcik cant tag along.
both of them are currently enduring leg pains. har har.

ada masjid tak kat sana?
ada bazaar tak kat sana?
ada kuih raya tak kat sana?
ada onde-onde tak kat sana?
ada lelaki hot tak kat sana?
ada orang bangunkan you tak utk sahur?

do you miss nenek? :)