Thursday, August 28, 2008

Solo Indonesia

apologies goes to Zkay. i had to go back tadi.

serious headache nak mati yang amat memilukan lagi meyakitkan sangat.

sorry baa

so peepz, i'm not gonna be in Malaysia for a few days.

gonna catch a flight at 7 o'clock. haih.

i'm gonna miss our Merdeka Celebration x(

el-shitto. i so so wanna watch the march parade. damn. i wonder if they have live forecast..


hmm will see, will see.

so yeah, pray for my safety and well being guys! i'm gonna miss you lots and if i get the chance to online over there (right..) i'll update a bit mmkay.

dont miss so much :p

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

dancing in the moonlight

i'm finally going back to school tomorrow!

wieee haaaa :D

three days of torture and getting motion sickness at home has finally ended! woot!

hooray hooray * dances in the moonlight like a cute monkey *

i cant wait to come to school. i'm gonna be crazeh 8D

oh and i heard about your dad Rye. damn denggi is going wild these days.

i was suspected. i dont wanna get denggi for the second time! its gonna be really.

i also have Lia's t-shirt with me.

Indie Punk Rock & Roll :D

its so nice i want it for myself. he he :p

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Living Hell

the sound of mama's snoring is killing me x(

this is what i dont like when going back to Johore. you have to sleep together with your family. dont get me wrong, i'm fine with that. well, when i'm not awake that is.

wait....i wonder if i snore.....


so yeah. i'm back in polluted KL once again. *inhales*

haha. the bad news is, i'm down with MEASLES. its soooo itchy =s
i can barely stay put for one minute. its torturing!
my face is red like a freaking traffic light. uhhh... (but i think i look cute with small dots of red)
and i got a medical certificate. i'm on leave for 3 days =.=

dah la gatal. do you want me to die of boredom???!!!

the stupid calamine lotion doesnt seem to work very well. i felt like an orang asli tadi.
naked and painting her body with ink xD
it sucks because i have no member in my tribe that can help me reach my back. stupet x.x
so after i'm done "painting" my body haha, i thought i was ready for hunting :B (lol. dont mind me.)

gatal siodddd..

so i'm gonna stay home for three days, then come to school probably on Thursday and i think i'm gonna leave KL again on Friday. bai people.

this is a picture of Wat Rajabopit's Colorguards without make up

grr so hot

this is a picture of Wat Rajabopit's Colorguards WITH make up on

even hotter gaahhh


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Johor Baharu

i'm going to leave KL for a couple of days.

fear not people, i'll be ok. dont miss me so much :p (hehehe)

oh, i made a new Facebook account. which i dont exactly know why. but i just did.

so go on and search for me. type Hanan Syahmi As'ad and pop! my profile will appear. voila'

i think the main reason was, because of Awe. he said i'm a myspace loser :p

whatever. heh.

well your myspace page sucks xD

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

20.08.2008 :)

i should get married today. LOL. hehe =D

well people,didnt you miss Chris Crocker?


i was afraid to watch this while i was at Rasta. people will think that im a FREAK. they might even think im a guy in disguise and gay. haha NOT.

im gonna be so bored today. its as if i have no life. just a sad lifeless person.
i was supposed to come to Lia's crib. but she has to run some errands herself. so yeah.
and then i wanted to tag along with Hana to KLCC. but then, transportation problem occurs.

maybe Allah is just punishing me cause ive been really naughty lately. hmm =/

well. nasib tidak menyebelahi saya hari ini.

i still have some tricks up my sleeve ;)

  • maybe go to Granny's and kacau her
  • watch Gossip Girl and pick up where i left off
  • better yet, watch Happy Tree Friends and enjoy seeing cute creatures being tortured
  • sit at home. eat. watch tv. eat. watch tv. eat. watch tv. and so it goes..
  • find adventure! doo doo dora..doo doo dora..dora dora dora the explorer..explorer!..
  • beat my brother at ps games. pfft. wont happen..
  • eat my little kittens muahahahahaa
  • see what i can do with these construction things at home. theres a lot of nails >:)
im sure today has a lot to offer me. oh Wednesday..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rasta Busta! 1985198519

BOOM BA DA BENG. Hanan Superfly reporting for duty :D

i'm now currently at TTDI's Rasta. its kinda chilly :s

my runny yet still functional receptors in my nose :8 detects various kinds of aromas here.

theres this dude smoking strawberry scented cigarettes, my dad and his cigarros smoking cigar la and clouds of shishas pollutes the scenery. HAHA tak la sampai begitu. cerah je :B

yeah. i know i might get bored. thats why i bought baby here :) woot

so im here. alone. unaccompanied by anyone. my dad is sitting with his mates over there. i see families, friends and couples having fun AND someone to talk to or just mingle with mates.

my bloggy is where i crap when i have nothing to do. hehe


The Killer Debutante

still wondering why i renamed my blog this?

well, go and look up whats the definition of debutante first :p

if you watch the movie, Shes the Man, im sure you are all acknowledge by the meaning of debutante.

well theres a story behind this weird ( maybe.. ) title.

a stunning debutante. the popular one. shes always on top. the best of the best.
but at the same time, she keeps an eye on other debutantes too. where people see plain, she sees competition. so she also, you know. kills.

embrace it!


haha so theres my twisted story.

yeah. im sick.

i know :)

i wanna go enjoy my golden peach tea now. hehe bai

Friday, August 15, 2008

to that special someone

laa i see. so your telling me shes lying to me?

c'mon, i know you guys pernah rapat dulu. you called her parents devils?

i know her well. shes telling the truth.

i know its UR myspace. but the content of it distracts others. shes my freaking bestfriend. of course im insulted by your inhumane acts. god its so barbaric

im just standing up for whats right. for her right. ever felt that before? im sorry if you dont have friends like that. aww

i just cant stand at the side and let you humiliate hana like that. its an eyesore and it burns

no. its not right. she started the arguement eyh? listen here. ive been classmates with you. i know you for who you really are.

im just saying, time for you to grow up man.


oh yeah that goes to you SM.

your such a coward till you deleted me and even BLOCKED me?

yeah. brave thing to do alright.

just so you know, ive never liked you. and i still dont :)

you have to change that attitude of yours. dah la add org and try to be nice.

you treated me like crap before. thank god i was naive that time. i guess you started being bitchy since you were an infant.

nope. im still not satisfied. i can talk big over here. but i just cant wait to see you front to front :)

when will i see your face again?

Son of A Gun

i have created a new chat room people :)

feel free to come to my page and crap all day long if you want to. freedom of speech kan

oh theres this girl. she was my schoolmate. and yes we were classmates for the first year we began school. even for a 7 year old girl, she is bitchy. yes she is. she even made herself the monitor without anyone knowing. weird eyh. because of her bitchyness, all her bestfriends turned back on her and made friends with me. im really thankful for that. you dont deserve them. and im glad they all ran to me instead and became my bestfriends.
and now, she still holds a grudge against me. i dont even know why and shes trying to her one of her former friends which is my twin right now.
i swear, if you harm one bit on her hair, i'll come personally to take you down. oh yes i will. im no longer the kid you used to push around. your just a short, fat girl who doesnt have real friends that back them up. i pity you. honestly. and your trying to show people that im friends with you? funny. you dont know the meaning of friends. you stupid girl.

never mind that. its just a tale of a hideous monkey-like creature :)
im not sure if its even human.

oh! thank you Zkay for taking me go ronda-ronda :D haha
now i know where to buy stuff. hehe kat *tooot*

HAPPY HOLIDAYS PEOPLE. may Allah bless you and your family. may you have a nice trip and a safe one too. well, where ever you guys are off to.

oh and girls, dont forget our books. nak PMR x)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


i accidentally TERdelete my friggin chatbox. =(

it was a pretty one you know! damn it =.=

ishh. so i will make another one sooner or later.

dear beloved friends, i would like to dedicate this all to you :)

If at times you feel you want to cry
And life seems such a trial
Above the clouds theres a bright blue sky
So make your tears a smile.

As you travel on lifes way
With its many ups and downs
Remember its quite true to say
One smile is worth a dozen frowns.

Among the worlds expensive things
A smile is very cheap
And when you give a smile away,
You get one back to keep.

Happiness comes at times to all
But sadness comes unbidden
And sometimes a few tears must fall
Among the laughter hidden.

So when friends have sadness on their face
And troubles round them piled
The world will seem a better place
And all because you smiled.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


yes, this one goes to you. :p

jiq, actually i malas la nak update. never mind, i'll just blurt out what comes across my mind.

wogeyh here goes,


people of the universe, TRIALS ARE OVER :D
im very thrilled and rejoiced. hehe. well hanan, this doesnt mean that you should stop studying. no. uhuh. nope. *geleng kepala*. wagagagaga :D

im trying to take out all the inputs and convert it into outputs. (if ya know what i mean)
i've been cramming god knows what into my tiny (pronounced : tee-nai. haha) succulent brain.
its been so jammed up there, i think blood are starting to clot up in the capillaries and such whatever et cetera.

now,i shall find a little sanctuary far far away, where i can find inner peace and tranquility, then i can cleanse my soul with cherished thoughts.

*long exhale*

mmkay one part is done with.

oh yea, regarding my personal stuff lately, dont be a sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda. (lol)

your curiosity is none of my concern :p

so tak payah tanya banyak2. especially you HAFRIZ.

you really irritate me sometimes =.='

so, holidays are about to start. next week weyh!

*jumps up and down and all around*

wuhooo. im not sure how am i gonna spend it.

maybe i should go buy a new good book at Kino. yeah :)

but this would be the wrong time to get you know that excited-feeling-of-reading-a-really-good-book-which-you-cant-possibly-stop-reading kinda time.

do i wanna buy a new interesting chick lit


sink my head into a pile of boring school text books.....

hmm... =/


i'll go with the new book :D

whaaatt??? its english. AHA. essay writing okayyy.


i should take up a new hobby. im starting to talk to myself more often. heh.

this is a picture of me molesting my late section leader of 2008, CHUA during our band's farewell party :)

fear not; i am not bisexual. haha. i just look horny here. lol.

im surely gonna miss the seniors. it wont be the same without you guys. make sure you come back next year tau =(

thanks for all your hard work. your effort really paid off and we appreciate every drop of sweat, heart and soul that you put into the band. we love you guys =)

Monday, August 11, 2008

mr Hat says,


:D :D :D

oh my god! hehe i made it into gryffindoor! laugh my ass off xD

go and take the quiz. i sorta lost the link. hehe. you might wanna google for it.