Tuesday, August 19, 2008

20.08.2008 :)

i should get married today. LOL. hehe =D

well people,didnt you miss Chris Crocker?


i was afraid to watch this while i was at Rasta. people will think that im a FREAK. they might even think im a guy in disguise and gay. haha NOT.

im gonna be so bored today. its as if i have no life. just a sad lifeless person.
i was supposed to come to Lia's crib. but she has to run some errands herself. so yeah.
and then i wanted to tag along with Hana to KLCC. but then, transportation problem occurs.

maybe Allah is just punishing me cause ive been really naughty lately. hmm =/

well. nasib tidak menyebelahi saya hari ini.

i still have some tricks up my sleeve ;)

  • maybe go to Granny's and kacau her
  • watch Gossip Girl and pick up where i left off
  • better yet, watch Happy Tree Friends and enjoy seeing cute creatures being tortured
  • sit at home. eat. watch tv. eat. watch tv. eat. watch tv. and so it goes..
  • find adventure! doo doo dora..doo doo dora..dora dora dora the explorer..explorer!..
  • beat my brother at ps games. pfft. wont happen..
  • eat my little kittens muahahahahaa
  • see what i can do with these construction things at home. theres a lot of nails >:)
im sure today has a lot to offer me. oh Wednesday..