Friday, October 09, 2009

walking with the dead

what would i do if my best friends die.

(before i do)

W.A. ,
you are the most inspiring and influential person i have ever met.
you conquer obstacles, chase your dreams and fight for whats right.
i would honour you by naming my daughter after you.
hopefully by giving her your name, your spirits will be implemented inside her as well.

S.Z. ,
i'm ashamed to say that i dont know you really well. but we connected.
if you moved on, this might sound crazy, but i'll go after the man who loves you and whom you love back. if i'm single at the time of course.
by loving him like you do, i'll get to feel how he treats you, thus keeping my memories of you alive. inside of him.

F.A. ,
i was always very protective of you. and i still am.
if i lose you, i'll always have a sense of loss. like a mother bear who lost her cub.

A.N. ,
i'll go and try out sports. for you.
i'll be feisty and aggressive. for you.
but i cant ever be as magnetic as you are.

N.R. ,
your pictures will be collected and immortalized in a scrapbook.
i'll even gather all my courage, and sing your song, Yellow, in front of a bunch of crowd as a tribute to you. look how they shine for you..

and of course not forgetting

S.S. ,
you are my other half. and for that, i wont do anything.
i wouldnt even mourn. because i know, that you live within me.
and for that, i have to keep myself happy, to keep you happy.
i'll blow up a huge portrait of you, black and white as you like it, and hang it in my house for all to see. and when people ask, "Who is that?"
i'll just say, "Thats me."

i'll love you all until i die. and then, what would you?
*names are typed in initials