Wednesday, October 21, 2009

walking with the dead - volume 2

A walk with the dead -Hanan

Dear Hanan,

if one day when i go to school and found out that you were no longer here, i wouldn't want to come the next day. coz of all my classmates, you're one of the best. i look forward to seeing all your quirky expressions throughout the day. those are one of the best times. my quirky weird friend.

how nice. and how random =D

it surprises me sometimes when i blogwalk, i get to see my name on someone else's posts. especially when they say nice things about me. or even just putting my link on their link list.
thank you friendzies. he he.

this one goes out to my awesome classmates (regardless of how annoying you guys are :p )

Hello 4T.

Aliah Amira,
she is my substitute Petricia. we've grown pretty close this year. not to mention our lunch mates Farhana a.k.a Kecik, Aimi and Hanim. without you in the class, i dont think i'll have my So You Think You Can Dance partner. eyy eyy? ;D

this short girl has got a big brain. yeah, you miss smarty skirts (since you dont wear pants at school). i'll miss your vibrant humor, your loud voice and the way you dance to Inul's songs. you'll be my Ratu Dangdut in class. and if you're not there, how am i supposed to score my Agama right?

little miss everything :p
i gotta be honest with you. when we weren't friends before, that was like in form 1 and form 2 i guess, i've always had an image of you being Miss Popular. seriously! everyone knows you, you were a prefect for goodness sake and teachers adore you. (lmao) i tau you tengah geleng kepala. shut up, dont be in denial. but band brought us closer. and i've discovered that there is more to then meets the eye. you're a smart girl with a cool attitude and a good sense of humor to boot! i cant always be moody at school cause i know that your blurness cracks me up. hilang macho i.

the list goes on (theres too much to type about each and everyone of you. 4T.I.U.T.C!),
Liyana F.
Chia Pei a.k.a Hippo
and even the Babes. haha you get what i mean? *hint* Chillax laa..

hehe :)

THE Book Club forever aite?