Friday, September 28, 2007

examination week. woh-pie.

owh my gaawwwdd. chris crocker gets interviewed ;DDDDDDD

so nice (:


today was geografi paper.
ok lah.
yesterday punya macam nak defuse a bomb. agama was damn susah.
for me la. and for some of my friends. shit shit i dont wanna flunk agama :s

gahh. dont know what to blog about. ngeeih.

so bored.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

eat. eat. eat.

went shopping today.

first we went to klcc. because i wanted to go.

in the end,my sister bought stuff. not me.

then,went to jusco. because my sister wanted to go.

in the end,me and my mom bought stuff.

i bought a cute polka-dotty purple-ish top (((((:

so cute. heee :D

but i have to whiten my neck because it got tanned during mass band. geeih.

i got belang stokin also (; hehehe

and then went to melawati's bazaar ramadan.

i bought lasagna weyh. wohoo.

so damn stuffy over there. can sesak nafas (x

and orang dia ramai macam gila babi.


buka puasa. woyehh.

normal. today was just. boring. heyh.

ouh yea,just got back from mcD.

ate cheeseburger. i know. in the middle of the night.

typical me.

hehe. then ada chocolate mud cake.

but x makan. im not that crazy ok.

my granda,uncle,and aunt says im like a walking skeleton o.o

i dont know why. they all cakap i x makan.

sahur pun x makan.

i was like.. NO. i eat ok. A LOT.

they didnt believe me. haih -____-'

honestly. i paling banyak makan in the family.

ryessa quotes;

"hanan badan dia tak naik-naik. pergi lah rumah dia. makanan macam budak tiga tahun. ayam la,kerepek la,itu lah. asalkan i pergi rumah dia,makan je."

hahahaha. lol.

am gonna blog later-er if something fell from the sky. ciao.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


long time no bloggy. yea rite.

was yesterday. nothing much happened.
my class is like...nearly dead. puan lalitha was trying to encourage us to do that english assignment thingy but nearly half the class was awake.
hahahaa. school is boring.

is today.
got to school early as usual.
went for kelas tambahan. bm some more.
puan jamilah liked my essay :D woh-pie. (padahal i wrote it last minute acctually and was kinda crappy)
bell rang. got into class.
was a bit dull today. but sivik class was kinda goood.
i tell you,puan nadiah is cool.
she was talking about something and went,

"haa memang. gila la. macam gila-gila babi!"
then the class was like.... "o.o' "
so nice. babi babi babi babi. oink.
then last period of school came.
was at the bengkel to finish up my kerja khusus.
but x sempat. and i was like helping other people too (mainly zko)
helped her ketuk some paku.
first i did one. then she went like,
"omg hanan you are sooooo good at this. here do another one. one more. this part pulak. ....."
ok now i can finish my thing. but sadly no.
the bell rang and it was time to go home.
cikgu bising,
"2t oooi. kemaskan meja sebelum pergi. tak kemas,tak boleh balik."
gaaahhh. i mean. hello,other classes was there too ya know.
and they left earlier so that they can escape from cleaning the workshop. sheeesh.
so yeah. keluar-ed a bit lambat.
so i walked with the form 1s yang sama bas.
then one of them chatted with her friend between the aia building and st.john's.
ok la. waited for awhile sementara bas datang.
then there was a voice. shouting. and calling up
a guy from st.john's was calling me. *sweat* o.o''
my juniors semua pandang. oh shit. i was like...WTF???!!! who the hell is that???!!
looked over there. then they all were staring. oh man..
grabbed one of my juniors and ran to the bus.
that was freaking scarryy. nggngngngngg.

effin effin creepy. eeih. malu gila. dah la infront of my juniors. damn.

just got back from tuition.
chatted with sue faye for a bit. ok banyak la jugak.
got some catching up to do ^-^
hee :D
we talked about our school gate.
it is very..... home-yy
seriously. what kind of gate is that for a school???
it is gold in color and has the flower flower thing on it. its a gate for a home for goodness sake.
and our school walls. oh yeah. pink and orange in color. =_='
even the bumper is colored. ORANGE. (yiling's favourite color)
ew ew ew. either some color-blinded person picked it out..or the indon painters yang ambik sendiri.
oh oh! and the school name punya signboard. O.O
background is green in color and the font is orange in color.

i'd rather go to st.john's and face the freako than facing our school colored building.

so. before i go to bed bed,here are some pictures of me and my mom at our house at damansara.

i know we rock.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

6 weird habits/facts/dislikes about myself

shit. just realized that i got tagged by weird-hair-yiling. ngeeiiiiih. ;p

Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/facts/dislikes about yourself" and people who got tagged must write in their journals about their 6 weird habits/facts/dislikes as well as state this rule clearly.

In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. i am....weird?

yes i am. and some of my guy friends say that im weird because i dont care much about my phone. is it weird? and my friends say that im weird because i survived without credit for like...months. o.o

2. i am kinda gross

....i think i am......or am i?.....

3. yi ling's hair is in FACT weirder than mine

mohawks are just abnormal. frinches are not. thank you very much ;p
ouh,and did you know what was zahrein's first impression when he saw you?
he was like whispering to adil (but we can read lips.hehe) ;
"mak ai,tengok rambut dia o.o' "

4. my sister says i snore lol lol. i dont know. how could i possibly know when im sleeping?

5. i dislike myself being lazy

but i am and im digging my own grave right now because im not studying for exam.
and im very very afraid that my mom wont let me join band comp next year. owhshittt.

6. i listen to the icky thump song

i know. that song is like...tak betul at all.
but.i dont know. haha. and i dislike britney's song. woops no offence chris crocker ;p bluekkk.


eera weeeeera
ryessa (if she
zko :o
joey joey ;D
sarah arina

wohooo. have fun Winners *wink*

bloggy woggy

MUAHAHAHAHA. akhirnya ku dapat rezeki untuk mem-blog. (lol lol lol lol lol)

hahax. just finished tarawih at a nearby surau. the surau is like waaayyyy better than the mosque because the mosque aint have no frekin air-conditioners. yay for surau :DDDDDD


went to Rasta after prayers. far some more. located at taman tun ya know. gila gempak weyh. reached there at like say 10.00 pm. i know. we rock ;D
then ate mushroom steak :D~~ *drooooooole*
and and and mushroom soup :D~~ *droooooooooooooooooooooooooooole*
very the sedap. obsessed with mushrooms xD gahaha.


went to school like the usual. but earlier because i have some kelas tambahan.
but didnt go. went to the bengkel with zko instead and became a wanita gagah. carpenter ladies (;
very dusty till ryessa said that my hair was like. berkutu o.o'
then went into class. saw sue faye smirking outside my class. bluek you rambut pendek girl :pppppp
went to maths class yadiyadiyada bla bla bla



├ępatant : super in french

gazette: newspaper

am doing this because of my english assignment. a newspaper based on the phantom. lopek nessess.

and they have no translation for rainbow. so roquet. (means stupid (; )


wokey. since im out of words and achapan is watching muse(lol), imma go now.

bonvoyage and outvidazain. (i think o.o) (well,wtv lah)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

in the night

im gonna be boreeddd.

so im gonna crap.yay.

was chattin with zko and achapan (:

zko n i were watchin some kick-ass videos at youtube. we were like drooling over the screen. gahahaa.then she went to sleep. to dream about this special someone. *ehem2*
botak. laalalalala.

damn cunted la that drumline. woot woot!

acap was listening to big girls dont cry remix. uhuh. -____-'
but its nice. i got jugak :D hehehe. then went to sleep. luv ya too acap (;

ouh. this one friend minta maaf tadi.
i said..lets see la. but dah maafkan dah. bulan puasa la weyh (x

HAHAHAHAHA. am not gonna blog about it here.


i cant find my cat. k-tot (mom yang eja macam ni).
he's in the house somewhere. haih.

i tell you ah,that cat can dissapear like until mmg cannot find la. then appeared again mysteriously. o_O' freaky.....

hahaha. dinner was great. heeee. i eat a lot. owh yeah,trust me.
and i ate a pear for dessert. YUMMAYH. woot woot.

haha. i'm out of words. well. bonvoyage and i hope you enjoy this video :DD

they rock my stokins.

mciejfrygdssmkjdh :o

this is chris crocker. he's a hell of a big fan of britney spears. i hope you enjoy (:

BWAHAHAHAAA. i certainly did. so funny i tell ya. haahh.
its just sooo funnayah. i mean,why did he have to go through what britney is?
its her problem la you sicko.

i saw this thing on tv. yeap,u made it chris! you are popular :DD
owh,reminds me.i'm supposed to watch Yours,Mine and Ours now. well,beats me xD

current issue at school: why cbnb is not entering klwmbc.

i'm gonna hear everyday as soon as i reach school. zko will go,

"hanan i wanna enter world comp!!! *sobby face* people say we have to think about the pro's and con's of entering. i cant possibly think of any con's! i mean.. this thing is like..once in a lifetime :O soo geram..."

i wanna enter too but theres nothing much to do when you just.cant.
believe me,weve tried so many things to make ourselves apart of that glorious competition (lol x5 xD) and weve even thought of entering by ourselves. hahaha.

our goal: to be the performer and not to be entertained.
ok in other words, we want to masuk the competition and tak nak beli ticket to TENGOK the competition.

and im trying to beg nimrah to let me work there :D she got it. i want tooooo.
eyh,get money you know..mwahahahaa. $_$ mata duitan.

well,hopefully everything turns out ok. and if you guys have some new cavaliers song, please send it to me :)))) you would be a really big help. i'll adore you. :DDDDDDD

gahahahahahaa. will blog later lagi la. if i have the idea to express my feelings here. lol. bonvoyageee.

Friday, September 14, 2007

yeap. new bloggy. eheh.
i deleted my old one because it was dead.
at first i thought ive forgotten the password. turned i didnt. hahaha.

so yeah. ive created a new blog on since people are encouraging me to do so. u lah zko.

so now is the puasa season yay! ^-^!!

but sadly, ive got some issues. no need to say it here. sheesh. owh ya, this is what i currently look like =

while the lady cut my hair off, a little voice in my mind said this loadsa times,
"die hair die! ngehehehee"

some people say that its cute (lol lol lol) and some say that is weird. yes you yiling! (p/s:your hair is WEIRDER)

ngah. my mom wanted me to look like a kid. so,there ya go.
and even people have mistaken me for my older sister some times. haih *swt*
other people's first guess must be that i'm between 16 to 18.
damn. do i seriously look THAT old??? o___O?

these are the question that haunts me. well,thats it for now. sorry if it was boring or anything. haha. dont read next time xp