Saturday, September 15, 2007

mciejfrygdssmkjdh :o

this is chris crocker. he's a hell of a big fan of britney spears. i hope you enjoy (:

BWAHAHAHAAA. i certainly did. so funny i tell ya. haahh.
its just sooo funnayah. i mean,why did he have to go through what britney is?
its her problem la you sicko.

i saw this thing on tv. yeap,u made it chris! you are popular :DD
owh,reminds me.i'm supposed to watch Yours,Mine and Ours now. well,beats me xD

current issue at school: why cbnb is not entering klwmbc.

i'm gonna hear everyday as soon as i reach school. zko will go,

"hanan i wanna enter world comp!!! *sobby face* people say we have to think about the pro's and con's of entering. i cant possibly think of any con's! i mean.. this thing is like..once in a lifetime :O soo geram..."

i wanna enter too but theres nothing much to do when you just.cant.
believe me,weve tried so many things to make ourselves apart of that glorious competition (lol x5 xD) and weve even thought of entering by ourselves. hahaha.

our goal: to be the performer and not to be entertained.
ok in other words, we want to masuk the competition and tak nak beli ticket to TENGOK the competition.

and im trying to beg nimrah to let me work there :D she got it. i want tooooo.
eyh,get money you know..mwahahahaa. $_$ mata duitan.

well,hopefully everything turns out ok. and if you guys have some new cavaliers song, please send it to me :)))) you would be a really big help. i'll adore you. :DDDDDDD

gahahahahahaa. will blog later lagi la. if i have the idea to express my feelings here. lol. bonvoyageee.