Friday, September 14, 2007

yeap. new bloggy. eheh.
i deleted my old one because it was dead.
at first i thought ive forgotten the password. turned i didnt. hahaha.

so yeah. ive created a new blog on since people are encouraging me to do so. u lah zko.

so now is the puasa season yay! ^-^!!

but sadly, ive got some issues. no need to say it here. sheesh. owh ya, this is what i currently look like =

while the lady cut my hair off, a little voice in my mind said this loadsa times,
"die hair die! ngehehehee"

some people say that its cute (lol lol lol) and some say that is weird. yes you yiling! (p/s:your hair is WEIRDER)

ngah. my mom wanted me to look like a kid. so,there ya go.
and even people have mistaken me for my older sister some times. haih *swt*
other people's first guess must be that i'm between 16 to 18.
damn. do i seriously look THAT old??? o___O?

these are the question that haunts me. well,thats it for now. sorry if it was boring or anything. haha. dont read next time xp