Sunday, February 10, 2008


So i am back. Thanks a lot Zkay ;p

*this post will not,i repeat NOT include pictures,videos, etc.*

i skipped one day of school,including band practice because my dad asked me too. so what the heck! (bab ponteng ni biasalah)

Melaka =)
it was a blast! :D there were a lot of tourists though. and the weather was very warm. very warm (;
we first went to the Baba Nyonya Museum. it was an old house of a wealthy China man who married a typical Malay (and fat shuush) woman. then became Baba Nyonya la xD the next generation of that family was of course a Pranakan.
oh my,the carvings,tiles and also the hospitality was fantastic. you know,they have like this sort of small pool/pond in the house. this one has two in fact.
when the rain pours down,it will you know,how do you say bertakung? xD haha
i like the second floor of the house. the stairs has a gate and some wooden top to cover the stairs. it is for:

  1. so that the children will not fall
  2. so that thieves and buglers cant come upstairs
  3. and last but not least,so that the husband cant sneak out at night (;
haha smart eyh? then we went to the master bedroom whereby the wedding chamber and the wedding outfit are displayed. the dress robe is heavily embroidered and imported from China. waaah.
then we went to the children's room where they displayed the keranda (not the one that will be buried la),mahjong table,lanterns and yes, the Birthday Suit. yes, Birthday. and it was red i think. it is much more frou frou than the wedding suit ( i think ) looks kinda heavy too.
birthday presents:
  1. rock sugar? - to have sweetness in life ( or so it goes )
  2. eggs - for fertility ( .......)
  3. and some other things that you will not wish to receive for your birthday =)
i whispered to mom, i sooo dont want these things for my birthday.

about Johore, nanti nanti lah saya update yee ;p