Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Have you ever had a spark between a complete stranger?

I was coming back from school after a tiring day. Because I missed my bus, I had to take the train. It was just as normal as any other train rides I've had before until a guy came in from Dang Wangi or was it KLCC and sat directly across from where I was. Well, you know us humans, we have the tendency to look at moving things. So I looked at him. And then looked away. Then thought he looked like someone I know and is kinda cute. The temptation to look again was instantly there.

I looked. Our eyes met. Then hurriedly try to focus on something else. But I still want to look at him.

I looked. Again. Our eyes scoured the space, in need of a focal point.

I did get to notice a few things about him. Obviously, he is a working man. Not that old. Huge eyes and decent hair. He had a laminated page of a newspaper and the headline read something about AF. Weird..

When he got out on the Ampang Park station, I grabbed my last chance to look. As my eyes waited for his appearance on the escalator, his eyes met mine once more.

And that was it.