Saturday, September 22, 2007

eat. eat. eat.

went shopping today.

first we went to klcc. because i wanted to go.

in the end,my sister bought stuff. not me.

then,went to jusco. because my sister wanted to go.

in the end,me and my mom bought stuff.

i bought a cute polka-dotty purple-ish top (((((:

so cute. heee :D

but i have to whiten my neck because it got tanned during mass band. geeih.

i got belang stokin also (; hehehe

and then went to melawati's bazaar ramadan.

i bought lasagna weyh. wohoo.

so damn stuffy over there. can sesak nafas (x

and orang dia ramai macam gila babi.


buka puasa. woyehh.

normal. today was just. boring. heyh.

ouh yea,just got back from mcD.

ate cheeseburger. i know. in the middle of the night.

typical me.

hehe. then ada chocolate mud cake.

but x makan. im not that crazy ok.

my granda,uncle,and aunt says im like a walking skeleton o.o

i dont know why. they all cakap i x makan.

sahur pun x makan.

i was like.. NO. i eat ok. A LOT.

they didnt believe me. haih -____-'

honestly. i paling banyak makan in the family.

ryessa quotes;

"hanan badan dia tak naik-naik. pergi lah rumah dia. makanan macam budak tiga tahun. ayam la,kerepek la,itu lah. asalkan i pergi rumah dia,makan je."

hahahaha. lol.

am gonna blog later-er if something fell from the sky. ciao.


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