Monday, April 28, 2008

its near

May is near.

exam is near.

i nearly fainted because i thought that exam is gonna start TODAY. hehe malu sgt. :)

MAY BABIES!! prepare to celebrate your birthdays :D

rye is gonna celebrate hers

and i am gonna celebrate mine too!!

prezzies wanted people. miahah.

i tau ryessa nak Unicorn :) kan kan?

i want a monkey. but i got a chicken. hehh.

<<<<< this is Chicken O'shea.

my dad decided to keep em and gave me the responsibility to take care of chicken.


I GET TO NAME EM CHICKEN and no Ketot is just for my late cat.

this is a picture of em when he was tiny. (pronounced as tee-nai :D )

now hes grown. and hes not the smallest anymore.

cause he eats a lot of chicken.


as you can see,i have nothing to write about. thats why this whole post is mostly about...chicken?

Sunday, April 27, 2008


school is such a brag.

the homeworks,the practices, the people. haih. i dont know why i feel so stressed out.

my body is practically crammed and it aches so badly everytime i wake up to the moment i fell asleep.

yes. i am tortured physically and very very much MENTALLY.

from every sort of aspect.


i xtau apa yg keluar. so i guess im screwed. and the money to buy the testpads are with the bendahari. in other words, still with me x(
el shitto.


the one thing i dislike talking about all the time. but yet, this topic seems to come up here often. heh.
hitam hitam hitam.

i shall gali my kubur later. NO im not serious la.

didnt realize how much i missed you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

yo grandma hot



wokay! prepare to puke

suddenly i feel much more confident about my body.
stupid girls haha. slutty people. i dont get em x)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


was bloody tiring! x(

friggin vip. cehhh. i was dipanggang tadi u know.

and there were like only THREE bands je tau. sikit tahap babi.

there were us, chong hwas and victorians. and a loooottt of maxwell kids which are very annoying mcm ayam.

not to mention, byk gila gambar candid. segala gambar tgh pakai coat and (sharcos? o.o' ) dgn muka mintak penampar diambil. haha terima kasih saja ye.

ngantuk. byeee

Saturday, April 19, 2008

to all the ppl in the Earthlings section

check out your names


inspired by Ain (;

Friday, April 18, 2008

i'm baaacccckkkkkkkkk :D


book checking is around the corner. tangan dah lebam2 dah.

dah la got band. haish. soo tiring.

for aini:

batman says boo


im doing my job professionally ok. not like u immature people. i dont want to talk to you but dah kena. apa nak buat. kerek sgt

Saturday, April 12, 2008

merry happy

you all must be wondering why did i create a new blog at Xanga.

well,i must say,its because i was bored and i was sick and tired of trying to make my blogger prettier.

you know,use a layout. tak jadi x(

but turns out,Xanga macam complicated sikit. kena invite org to be on my friends list.

but the layouts... *-*

rambang mata gue. nak guna mana satu entah laaaaa. cun gila :D :D

its now 12 am in the morning. woke up at 7.45. my parents' bed is soooo comfy :B

what i did :

after i woke up, i cleaned the bed. haha. why? its a girl thing (;

then went across the street to my grandma's crib. (haha crib xD)

salam2 and huggy2 stuff before she left for the airport.

then,got back home. showered, washed and hang my school uniform and undergarments.

then my sister asked me to mop the house =.= stupid sister

oh, Cami caught a bird today. first time ever. loser cat.

i think she wanted to eat it. she wanted to eat it IN the house. i wont let her

no way. dont ruin my perfectly clean floor. so i closed all openings into the house.

i sat and watched. watched her circle the house. to and fro. trying to get in. haha stoopid.

then my friggin sis came back.

she got in with stoopid cami. then cami gave the bird to her kids.

guess what, Chicken took control. he owned the bird. OWNED it ok.

he ate em all. ye ye je kecik. big apetite. i think hes hungry :)

wokay. see ya later calculator.

oh yea..intervensi. i dont even know what to read :S

Friday, April 11, 2008

i dislike my blog

oh noes! :O

my parents are gonna be gone for 6 days starting from tomorrow! and i'm gonna be left alone :(

in the dark....freezing....hoping that a new light will shine....someday....

ok dramas over. theyre going to...uhh... somewhere lah. i know my grandma lives just across the street,
but shes going away on Sunday too :( shes going for her yearly umrah.
now whos gonna call me up every time i got home and asked " hellooooo. nak makan dtg laaa :) "



i have to do laundry, i have to clean the house, i have to do the dishes, i have to study (gehh ;p) and i have to do other things. bottom line is i'm gonna be the pembantu rumah of my own home.

freaking maid is away for two months. yeap. two months.

ok moving on...

OH OH!! did you now that Tila Tequila is bisexual??!!! :D
i didnt know at first. i thought she was damn straight ofc. shes not much of a singer. shes more of a pornstar.
but i respect her. haha.

lol much. bimbo xD

bisexual and bastardly. ooh.

i miss chris crocker :(
he has this new picture he uploaded on myspace.
kissing some guy. yeap liplock.
damn i think thats his boyfriend.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

to be or not to be

Happy Birthday to Rye's bro, Daus :D

happy brithday to you
you were born in the zoo
you look like a monkeyyyy
you smell like one too :D
ok just kidding. you dont smell bad xD


i dont know how to do the dapatan kajian part for my kgt. gahhhh.

i have tons of homework and catching up to do. intervency is like next week already and also the book-checking thing. so much to do,so little time.

i juga baru habis demam. but still selsema. haha. *contagious* xD

oh,i just read joey's blog. her grandpa just passed away.
reminds me so much of my late one. he passed away in the morning. the day when tsunami came.
we were all so caught up being sad for the loss of datuk while millions of others are desperately trying to save their lives from the dreadful cause of mother nature.
he died because of surgery. somehow, my grandma says that if we listened to what datuk said in the first place,that he didnt want to go for surgery,that he'll still survive. but then the doctor said that he'll have just a few more hours to live. well,its worth a try.

ok ok enough. sorry hehe. thinking about joey's gung2 made me think of mine. apologies for my blurbs.

now,i shall try to do something with my unfinished kgt and school works :D

Thursday, April 03, 2008


19th April. bring it on,yeahhh

i finally got my agama paper back.

72% B
equals to wow va-va-voom :D

i really did study this time. oh hell yes. guess my effort paid off. gonna earn an A for the next one! yeah baby!


am now trying to figure out how to do this freaking KGT. im gonna type em all since im so lazy to write it myself. he he.

ok while i figure out how to start,im gonna eat my cheese sandwich too :D
can smell it? ummm

  1. Aidan
  2. Adele
  3. Xavier
  4. Pauline!!! :D
i love you adele. acecehh. insyaAllah,we will maintain this position :)