Friday, April 11, 2008

i dislike my blog

oh noes! :O

my parents are gonna be gone for 6 days starting from tomorrow! and i'm gonna be left alone :(

in the dark....freezing....hoping that a new light will shine....someday....

ok dramas over. theyre going to...uhh... somewhere lah. i know my grandma lives just across the street,
but shes going away on Sunday too :( shes going for her yearly umrah.
now whos gonna call me up every time i got home and asked " hellooooo. nak makan dtg laaa :) "



i have to do laundry, i have to clean the house, i have to do the dishes, i have to study (gehh ;p) and i have to do other things. bottom line is i'm gonna be the pembantu rumah of my own home.

freaking maid is away for two months. yeap. two months.

ok moving on...

OH OH!! did you now that Tila Tequila is bisexual??!!! :D
i didnt know at first. i thought she was damn straight ofc. shes not much of a singer. shes more of a pornstar.
but i respect her. haha.

lol much. bimbo xD

bisexual and bastardly. ooh.

i miss chris crocker :(
he has this new picture he uploaded on myspace.
kissing some guy. yeap liplock.
damn i think thats his boyfriend.