Sunday, July 26, 2009

bad ass

bad ass scar pictures taken from my deadly encounter with...

my bad ass kitten. he looks like an alien in this photo.
which makes it cool.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hello Love :)

how are ya doing today?
i'm fine thanks for asking

so, i was browsing blogs and then....

Time dgn Hanan:

Actually if I'm with this weirdo kiddo Hanan x kena marah dgn cikgu.Because Hanan ni Budak Baik.I miss you man!But
with Hanan we're talking about guys?haha..stupidd.No laa.Kita just ckp about ppl yg kita kenal,lol.Example like come on I told her
everything.I like this and that.Then Hanan ada scandal with my friends!haha.Come on she's pretty inside and outside.I mean guys okayy!Not girls.Shoottttahhh.She is so not into Lesbosssess.haha

haha. pardon her gedikness (ngeheh) but thats how Thiya rolls.
turns out, someone misses me. awww

for the past few weeks (or months cant recall), i've been out of reach from my old friends or we just rarely
see/bump into each other. yeah i miss them. a lot.

most of them moved. to other places, other classes, other friends...
i'm just there. sitting in between all of them. on the fence, both sides equal not one weighs more.

maybe you see me like i dont care anymore, youre wrong.
i hear news from you all the time. and if i dont ask, it doesnt mean that i dont care.
it doesnt mean that i dont know.
it doesnt mean that youre not important. because you are.

sometimes, i just dont have the guts to ask.
sometimes, i just dont want to interfere.
sometimes, i think i just dont deserve or have the right to.

i just want you, my dear friends, to know that i'm always there.
my body might not be beside you, to offer you a shoulder to cry on
but you should know, my spirit is always present. feeling what youre going through,
understanding your hardships and giving you support.

i'm sorry for my constant absence. i really wish that things would just go back to the way it used to be.
but we have to move on. and look towards the future.
its what us humans are made for. to test God's challenges and conquests. to put ourselves to test.

i know you miss me, well i miss you too.
if you feel a certain presence near you, that will be me,
loving you no matter where you are.

spreading love,
hanan syahmi

Sunday, July 12, 2009

bloody year (literally)

more bad news followed up MJ's death. my Uncle Masri's death.

it was-what 2 in the morning? - when my mom accidentally woke me up and announced his passing away two
hours before and that they were leaving for Seremban a.s.a.p.

i know i dont know you that well Uncle, but still you were one of my father's little brother.
Allah, tempatkanlah dia dengan orang-orang yang beriman. amin.



i dont want any of you getting my virus. i dont really know if its infectious or not, but it might cause severe
damage to yourself or personal belongings.
please keep a safe 1 metre perimeter from - well, me.

no, ia bukan virus H1N1.
no, ia bukan salah satu drpd simtom-simtom penyakit itu.

i'm friggin JINXED.
jinxed is when you climb up the stairs and trip. in Giant. (the supermarket)
jinxed is when your dress weirdly and thought it was cool but other people thought that you got dressed by
a blind person.
jinxed is when you want to take a shower then you hang you panties on the railing where you thought it was
safe from being wet and then when you're not looking it fell and got drenched.
jinxed is when you eat your meals in a barbaric-like-mode and accidentally bit your tongue or lip.

sigh. no merchandise can help the uncoordinated. if such thing exists, its already purchased.

okay, i'm going to stop babbling about me being a klutz. moving on,

i was thinking on going to Australia end of this year. nak menyibuk kat tempat kakak :p
she suggested it. not my idea. but i found myself intrigued by the thought.
maybe it'll give me some inspiration. on what?

yeah, i'm planning on writing. not necessarily a book, just a story. maybe i'll do sequels :D
maybe not. i'm not sure. let the chips fall where they may.


i might find inspiration over there. i might even find money. or... i shall find hot dudes 8D
nahh, Australia's already populated by asians.
like sepet asians. kalau dapat jumpa aboriginal people best gak. HAHAH.

satu pesan yang saya beri kepada kakak,
" nanti cari Hugh Jackman. tau. "
lepas tu dia reply,
" tak ah. nanti aku cari Curtis Stone! aku nak lepak kat supermarket selalu! take me home chef! "

uhh. dia reply lebih kurang macam tu la.

apa-apapun kakak, kat sini Hanan nak kata satu benda lagi,


Friday, July 10, 2009

shiny thing caught my eye

hmm. recently ive noticed that some strangers are following my blog.

some things i couldnt comprehend

  1. why they would want to follow it anyways
  2. why they were here in the first place
  3. how did they get here
  4. why they would want to follow MY LAME BLOG?

this blog lacks creativity and distinctive craps anyways. hehe never the less, thank you la for sort of "admiring" it. ceh.

but seriously, my blog is such a waste of time. haha. thanks again, toodles.