Friday, February 15, 2008


yeesshh ok ok people i'm updating here. hold your horses =.='

WOKAYH. a loooooottt has happened these past few days. you just dont know because i didnt blog about it. hehe ;)
well,i'll just keep the good parts to myself miehehehe

i havent blogged because Ujian 1 was on. ok ok i admit it,i have been onlining but my blogging tergendala xD needed the creativity and memory for my tests haha.
i'm not gonna ceritera on the test. ITS OVER. moving on..

ok, zkay, these stories are for you :) ok eera too

it was Wednesday. and theres gonna be Science,History and P.E today.
same old same old.waited for the bus in the morning. waited. waited. waited. waited. *thinks*
how long have i waited? the sun is gonna smile soon and my butt is still not in school... (hey that rhymes =D)
oh yeah, bus rosak :) best. uhuh.
i panicked like a baboon thats gonna get spanked by..i dunno..other baboons? =D
so my sister had to send me. sampai putra. JE.
she lectured a lot. dia kan mak nenek sikit. SO WHAT IF I DONT KNOW HOW TO RIDE THE PUBLIC BUS??? XP
ok,so she dropped me off at Setiawangsa. and you know what,i bought the wrong ticket.babi betul
i was sooooo embarassed. =.=' did i mention that the morning train macam ikan sardin? bloody full i tell ya
this man's thigh was like touching my butt. you pervert. i grabbed a chance to move when there was an opening.
then,I WALKED FAST LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW. duh its freaking science paper i wont miss it for the world.haha
reached school,thank god. pjk was just about to start. *loads machine gun* get what i mean? (;
i was sweating like hell. hahaha the end. Science was bloody fantastic :D

test ended today. my arts paper was kinda...funny hehe. the banana looked good though! ouh yeah..
then went to help rye buy something for that special someone (; wieehee
hope he likes it. a lot. not to mention,fit it.

why are there such people in this world.
i do not understand.