Sunday, September 30, 2012

gravity : a reality?

It's one of those nights-
Where I'm so lost in a blunder of emotions, thoughts, feelings - most which I cannot fathom and feed my soul enlightenment.
Lately, this chamber in which my mind has so oftenly traveled has been made a permanent abode for escapism.

As the light of day crept it's way into the corners of my room, lighting it up, burning the skin that's exposed and unhidden from the quilts that enveloped my body, I will awake with the thought of you inviting me to that sweet escape again. My eyes still shut, I'd trace the shape of your lips, your eyes, the bridge of your nose and all the way to the strong feature of your jaw, slowly finding my way back to slumber as I was painting my canvas.

I try my best to lock the door to that room. Because once I'm in it, I would be lost. Detached.
It's a dangerous place, it is. But I find myself coming back, wanting for more.
It's beautiful. And it's poisonous.