Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 days of celebration

Things to do with your sweetheart;

  • smile at each other.
  • share everything. well, most things like food, books, clothes(?), stories, opinions, hugs, music, kisses, etc.
  • watch a horrible movie together. and complain about how horrible it is. but love it anyway because you're with your significant other. less horrible.
  • snap photos.
  • travel places. doesn't have to be far, honestly an aimless drive would do.
  • spontaneous activities like opting for the zoo instead of the cinemas.
  • read them your favorite poems.
  • experiment in the kitchen together.
  • kiss him when he's mad.
  • kiss him twice when he's not.
  • do silly things that you would probably do with your best friend.
  • have an early day. go to breakfast together, grocery shopping afterwards maybe?
  • send random messages to each other.
  • lay down and relax, listen to each others' exhales.

Half a year.
6 months.
182.621 days.
262974 minutes.
15778440 seconds.

And with every heartbeat, my love for you grows stronger.