Thursday, December 08, 2011

oh som

And love is a thing that you can't define
Though you try with all your might through the riddles and rhymes
But it'll fly you like a kite; it'll throw you to the ground
But that's the best thing I have found.

And it comes and it goes
Where it’s headed no one knows
And we come and we go
Like the winter and the spring
Losing everything just to gain it back again

Middle Of June by Noah Gundersen

I've always been captivated by his songs. May favs are Middle Of June and The Ocean. 
He's kind of a gospel singer I guess. Real good acoustics.

Today, I really stopped and listened to what he sang into my ears.
And those few lines I just posted up there, really spoke to me. I just had to share it here. (To whoever that's reading of course)

It was a productive day for me. Studied chemistry, went to class, thanked Ms. B for what she has taught. Went for lunch with the girls. Reminisced the old days by playing immature BUT FUN primary-school games. Azira was the mastermind behind all of these ideas of course (because she's so in touch with her innocence LOL). One of them was "Your True Love/First Date/First Night/First Kiss/First Marriage(?)/First Boyfriend Future Candidate" WHICH WAS SO ENTERTAINING. Us kids during primary, can't believe we were so creative and smart with all these tilik nasib (fortune telling) things. 
The other game was naming a name, a country, an animal, a dish or food, an object and an artist starting with a chosen alphabet. OH MEMORIES <3 I loved this game. Tell you what, it's still awesome. Shahir (I know you're reading this) was kinda suckish at it. Hehe. I'm pretty sure we got pretty rusty at playing this game anyways.

Then Sask came and picked me up. Talked a lot. She said something really heart-warming and that one line really means a lot to me.
"You deserve to feel... that feeling... to be swept off your feet."
Fact. I've never had that feeling before. 
Hm. I don't know if I deserve that, but if I do, I surely will have that when it's time. InsyaAllah.
Patience is a virtue.

Now I shall leave you with Noah Gundersen's Middle Of June. Enjoy.