Sunday, December 25, 2011

sweet like candy

So we went to a wedding yesterday. Mom and Dad met their uni friends over there and at one point I felt that it was a reunion instead of a wedding. Haha.

They're so blessed that they got to meet over there in the States, fell in love and even got married during their time of stay. Mom was a junior from Iowa State University majoring in architecture and Dad was a senior from Drake pursuing his degree/master in MBA (I think...). They were neighbors and that's how they got to meet each other.

I personally love LOVE these stories. And sitting there, surrounded by Dad's old friends, listening to them reminiscing about the good ol' days was heartwarming. Who knows, I'll get my chance one day eyh?

Dad mentioned a friend. He said that he went to the States on the same day as this guy and on the same plane too. Coincidentally, they boarded the SAME PLANE on the SAME DAY again back home after they both graduated. The cute part is, they went as bachelors, single and ready to mingle. On the way home, both of them each has a wife and a masters in hand. And ironically, the wives are roommates. What a small world.

These are the types of stories for you to tell your kids and grandkids. ♥