Sunday, April 27, 2008


school is such a brag.

the homeworks,the practices, the people. haih. i dont know why i feel so stressed out.

my body is practically crammed and it aches so badly everytime i wake up to the moment i fell asleep.

yes. i am tortured physically and very very much MENTALLY.

from every sort of aspect.


i xtau apa yg keluar. so i guess im screwed. and the money to buy the testpads are with the bendahari. in other words, still with me x(
el shitto.


the one thing i dislike talking about all the time. but yet, this topic seems to come up here often. heh.
hitam hitam hitam.

i shall gali my kubur later. NO im not serious la.

didnt realize how much i missed you.