Saturday, April 05, 2008

to be or not to be

Happy Birthday to Rye's bro, Daus :D

happy brithday to you
you were born in the zoo
you look like a monkeyyyy
you smell like one too :D
ok just kidding. you dont smell bad xD


i dont know how to do the dapatan kajian part for my kgt. gahhhh.

i have tons of homework and catching up to do. intervency is like next week already and also the book-checking thing. so much to do,so little time.

i juga baru habis demam. but still selsema. haha. *contagious* xD

oh,i just read joey's blog. her grandpa just passed away.
reminds me so much of my late one. he passed away in the morning. the day when tsunami came.
we were all so caught up being sad for the loss of datuk while millions of others are desperately trying to save their lives from the dreadful cause of mother nature.
he died because of surgery. somehow, my grandma says that if we listened to what datuk said in the first place,that he didnt want to go for surgery,that he'll still survive. but then the doctor said that he'll have just a few more hours to live. well,its worth a try.

ok ok enough. sorry hehe. thinking about joey's gung2 made me think of mine. apologies for my blurbs.

now,i shall try to do something with my unfinished kgt and school works :D