Saturday, September 15, 2007

in the night

im gonna be boreeddd.

so im gonna crap.yay.

was chattin with zko and achapan (:

zko n i were watchin some kick-ass videos at youtube. we were like drooling over the screen. gahahaa.then she went to sleep. to dream about this special someone. *ehem2*
botak. laalalalala.

damn cunted la that drumline. woot woot!

acap was listening to big girls dont cry remix. uhuh. -____-'
but its nice. i got jugak :D hehehe. then went to sleep. luv ya too acap (;

ouh. this one friend minta maaf tadi.
i said..lets see la. but dah maafkan dah. bulan puasa la weyh (x

HAHAHAHAHA. am not gonna blog about it here.


i cant find my cat. k-tot (mom yang eja macam ni).
he's in the house somewhere. haih.

i tell you ah,that cat can dissapear like until mmg cannot find la. then appeared again mysteriously. o_O' freaky.....

hahaha. dinner was great. heeee. i eat a lot. owh yeah,trust me.
and i ate a pear for dessert. YUMMAYH. woot woot.

haha. i'm out of words. well. bonvoyage and i hope you enjoy this video :DD

they rock my stokins.