Tuesday, September 18, 2007

bloggy woggy

MUAHAHAHAHA. akhirnya ku dapat rezeki untuk mem-blog. (lol lol lol lol lol)

hahax. just finished tarawih at a nearby surau. the surau is like waaayyyy better than the mosque because the mosque aint have no frekin air-conditioners. yay for surau :DDDDDD


went to Rasta after prayers. far some more. located at taman tun ya know. gila gempak weyh. reached there at like say 10.00 pm. i know. we rock ;D
then ate mushroom steak :D~~ *drooooooole*
and and and mushroom soup :D~~ *droooooooooooooooooooooooooooole*
very the sedap. obsessed with mushrooms xD gahaha.


went to school like the usual. but earlier because i have some kelas tambahan.
but didnt go. went to the bengkel with zko instead and became a wanita gagah. carpenter ladies (;
very dusty till ryessa said that my hair was like. berkutu o.o'
then went into class. saw sue faye smirking outside my class. bluek you rambut pendek girl :pppppp
went to maths class yadiyadiyada bla bla bla



├ępatant : super in french

gazette: newspaper

am doing this because of my english assignment. a newspaper based on the phantom. lopek nessess.

and they have no translation for rainbow. so roquet. (means stupid (; )


wokey. since im out of words and achapan is watching muse(lol), imma go now.

bonvoyage and outvidazain. (i think o.o) (well,wtv lah)