Friday, August 15, 2008

Son of A Gun

i have created a new chat room people :)

feel free to come to my page and crap all day long if you want to. freedom of speech kan

oh theres this girl. she was my schoolmate. and yes we were classmates for the first year we began school. even for a 7 year old girl, she is bitchy. yes she is. she even made herself the monitor without anyone knowing. weird eyh. because of her bitchyness, all her bestfriends turned back on her and made friends with me. im really thankful for that. you dont deserve them. and im glad they all ran to me instead and became my bestfriends.
and now, she still holds a grudge against me. i dont even know why and shes trying to her one of her former friends which is my twin right now.
i swear, if you harm one bit on her hair, i'll come personally to take you down. oh yes i will. im no longer the kid you used to push around. your just a short, fat girl who doesnt have real friends that back them up. i pity you. honestly. and your trying to show people that im friends with you? funny. you dont know the meaning of friends. you stupid girl.

never mind that. its just a tale of a hideous monkey-like creature :)
im not sure if its even human.

oh! thank you Zkay for taking me go ronda-ronda :D haha
now i know where to buy stuff. hehe kat *tooot*

HAPPY HOLIDAYS PEOPLE. may Allah bless you and your family. may you have a nice trip and a safe one too. well, where ever you guys are off to.

oh and girls, dont forget our books. nak PMR x)