Sunday, August 24, 2008

Living Hell

the sound of mama's snoring is killing me x(

this is what i dont like when going back to Johore. you have to sleep together with your family. dont get me wrong, i'm fine with that. well, when i'm not awake that is.

wait....i wonder if i snore.....


so yeah. i'm back in polluted KL once again. *inhales*

haha. the bad news is, i'm down with MEASLES. its soooo itchy =s
i can barely stay put for one minute. its torturing!
my face is red like a freaking traffic light. uhhh... (but i think i look cute with small dots of red)
and i got a medical certificate. i'm on leave for 3 days =.=

dah la gatal. do you want me to die of boredom???!!!

the stupid calamine lotion doesnt seem to work very well. i felt like an orang asli tadi.
naked and painting her body with ink xD
it sucks because i have no member in my tribe that can help me reach my back. stupet x.x
so after i'm done "painting" my body haha, i thought i was ready for hunting :B (lol. dont mind me.)

gatal siodddd..

so i'm gonna stay home for three days, then come to school probably on Thursday and i think i'm gonna leave KL again on Friday. bai people.

this is a picture of Wat Rajabopit's Colorguards without make up

grr so hot

this is a picture of Wat Rajabopit's Colorguards WITH make up on

even hotter gaahhh