Friday, March 27, 2009

birthday present

a tribute to you and our everlasting friendship. its going to be a series.

I was new. It was a new world. New environment, new fragrances, new faces, and it all made me feel so tiny. I caught a glimpse of a stranger. An alien. A weird one indeed. Yet so interesting. I was filled with curiosity and very amused. i had a gigantic urge to go and try to communicate with her, study from head to toe, touch her ponytails - my god, her hair is thick. Wait, was she cutting her nails with scissors?
Thats odd.

Gasp. She made eye contact.

I quickly turned front and try to concentrate on the teaching which was currently in motion.

i know. i'm not the most brilliant writer, but i write how i see things. say them. i dont tend to write so dramatically when in real life i'm not that person.

i hope you appreciate this. theres gonna be another episode insyaAllah mmkay. patience young padawan. HAHA. (only Star Wars enthusiasts get me)

today's thank you's goes to. . . . .


Ikhwan Adilin Wahab & Iylia Wahab
for sending me back home.
Puan Gan
for teaching add maths aggressively.
Percussion Section
for coming to every practice. you guys obviously rock.
Salimatulhana Saeidah Maher
for being there for 9 years and counting.
Fathiah Huda
for accompanying me to lunch.
Aliah Amira
for allowing me to look in her add maths book. he he.

and not forgetting

Allah Almighty
for the air i breathe, the rezeki i get, and the loved ones surrounding me. thank you.

and those are the thank you recipients for today :D