Saturday, December 01, 2007

banditos darlings,

yesterday was my last day of band (: for now lah. im not going to be here next week. nak pergi cuti-cuti malaysia :D hee
i wonder if somebody can take Diy's alto sax home. i forgot to bring it yesterday so i left it at my house c: forgive me Diy.

so yesterday after band,i decided to tag along with some of my friends to catch a moobie. since my sister is gonna be there at klcc so what the heck. dia bising i tak cukup duit for balik. so,dia kena bayarkan. MUAHAHA >:)
i watched Enchanted with Sya and Zk. oh, and thanks Chua for booking the tickets.
the moobie was sooo funny,romantic and yet sad.after the moobie ended,we ate pasta yumm and went ronda-ing.we went to avenueK because i wanted to know what exists there haha. avenueK was boring because theres hardly anybody around. so,we camwhored banyak la jugak. muhaha. and we saw Linda Jasmine with her mother i think and her son. sooooo macam mat salleh weyh :D i bet hes gonna be handsome when he grows up. better yet if he dances like his mother. arriibaa. think about the body..... :D~~ oh,and rye didnt get to come along. she has to take a snare back home ngeh. lama tak keluar dengan si munah tu.

come to think of it,its been a while also since i last went out to hang with my bffs. sorry hana,ainaa,kinah,adma and aiman. been very busy lately ): and you guys tend to ask me out at the wrong times. so sad )):

am currently having massive back aches and MAJOR stomach aches. maklumlahkan, there is a time which comes once in a month for every growing girl. even for some of our moms. you get what i mean (; teheeee

yay am going to rasta tonight wiee ;)
mushroom stake,here i come!!