Tuesday, April 21, 2009

morning tide

hello hello. what a surprise. me? blogging again? shocking :o

well actually, ive been away lately due to super tiring band rehearsals, mountain piles of homeworks and not forgetting chores. but now, scratch them all!! (minus the homework part though) cause the competition is over and

my maid is back!

:D :D :D :D

it has been an interesting year so far. and TWO trips in one year! first to Penang and then Kuantan. and theyre absolutely free.

ahh... life is good.

i just got back from Kuantan yesterday. it was okay-ish. not as fun as going to Penang but i got to see a lot of handsome guys though. mmm. hahaha

I let out a deep breath and got up on stage. After i set foot on stage, i immediately led myself to the timpani and set up my scores.
"Haa aku dah kata dia percussionist,"
What. The. Hell?
I shook my head and try to forget what i just heard. So, i went over to the drumset and picked up the suspended cymbals and bring them over near me.
"Fuuuhhhh," "Wooaaaahhh,"
SHUT UP! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! That dude behind the stage is making me nuts. He's ruining my concentration. What a waste of meditation.

fine. maybe i dont look like a percussionist. bak kata Anisah, muka macam budak woodwind. riiiiggghttt..... but still, i hate it when people take me for a sissy (gee i dont know the word). do i look like a girly girl to you mister???

i might be decent looking and very kind to you, but dont take me for granted jerks.