Tuesday, February 16, 2010

you're not supposed to have coffee 3 hours before you sleep

I did. Hello insomnia :D

So, my school has this interclass drama competition. And I'm so proud to say that my class is so gonna win this year! I can say that the prize is totally in the bag. We've got an awesome director, an awesome script-writer and awesome actresses! WOOTS!

Prepare to meet your doom CBNers.

The previous paragraph was pure bullsh*t. None of it was true. Entirely made up for disgusted reactions from readers. Ha. Ha.

Truth is, dinner's not served yet. We don't even have the recipe yet!
But one thing's for sure, I've got an awesome class with awesome classmates :D

  • Checking emails and replying stuffs on Facebook. Is it true that we have to pay to use Facebook in the future?
  • Smelling like trash. Stinking cat! Darn you Modjo.
  • Concocting an evil plan MUAHAHAHA (still undecided)
  • Deciding on which essay to write for the bloody commonwealth essay competition thing
  • Yawning
  • . . . . . (brain stops here)

I watched the movie the other day. Basically its all about greek mythology meets 20th century kinda thing. Here's what I think of the movie :

James Bond (slash Pierce Brosnan) was a centaur,
that chick who played G-Girl in my Super Ex-Girlfriend was Medusa (wicked hair),
Annabeth; daughter of Athena the Goddess of Wisdom, has gorgeous eyes,
Percy's best friend/protector turns out to be Mr. Tumnus (half-goat) and reminds me of some guy from Epic Movie,
the frikkin girls who sat beside me are frikkin annoying,
Hell turns out to be located at the Hollywood sign, who would've guessed,
to get to Hades' lair, you have to naik sampan,
then to get to Olympus, you have to go to the Empire State Building and get on a special lift. Haa.

I thought the movie was stupid. And it's kinda hard to watch if some girls beside you jump and chants "EEIH EIIH" or "CEPAT CEPAT CEPAT!" or "EHH YA ALLAH ADA KAT SITU JEE!!" everytime some action is about to kick in. And if a dude on the other side talks loudly in Tagalok like it's nobodies business. Garh.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm not meant for cinemas. Lol.

Well, originally, our plan was to watch Valentines Day (Rye yang nak tgk) but of course we were too late. Rye popped a question that goes,

"I wonder... If Taylor Swift got married to Taylor Lautner, will she change her lastname? Then it's gonna be Taylor Lautner with Taylor Lautner. Or Mr. Taylor Lautner and Mrs. Taylor Lautner?"