Saturday, May 18, 2013

one woman show

So, how do you expect one to open up and for you to not do the same?

I'm not really in favor of letting someone else wholeheartedly into my life. I do keep things to my own; my flaws, my problems, my reasons and explanations. But I guess opening up and letting someone in is the fundamental of forming a relationship. We wouldn't have friends if we're like that, eh?

It's not a secret that I bottle things up. I've always had this guard up but am so welcoming when it comes to being there for someone else. I'd empty my "bottles" and let the other person fill them up with their rants, secrets or problems. This is what I am. And this is what I do best. I love to the carry the burden of other people and let no one else carry my own. I love being the shoulder to cry on, the one who wipes the tears away, the one who will listen and give you a hug afterwards.

I take after my mother in a sense that I am always the one who has to be strong for others.
This explains why it's not easy for me to simply let it all out. The rule to being strong: never show your weaknesses.

Now, this is me, saying that I'm exhausted.
I'm tired.
And for once, I wish that someone else would let me in for letting them in.

"If you're being strong for everyone else, then who's going to be strong for you?"

I have no idea.