Wednesday, July 31, 2013

if you could have one miracle

It's leaving, just as fast as it came. And all that's left is the last 10 days of this holy month which is when Lailatul Qadr is said to be present amongst us.

All prayers will be answered during this night. So, what do you pray for?


Often we lose ourselves in the pursuit of the dunya. We wish for materialistic things, and even if we pray for our well-being, like mercy from God and for our sins to be forgiven (which is all great, don't get me wrong), did we stop and think about how that one dua could be a savior to someone else? Someone other than ourselves.

Like our brothers and sisters who are starving.
Like the kids who lost their parents in war.
Like world peace.

Who would you lend your hand to?
Who would you give prayers to?
Who would you save?