Wednesday, November 28, 2007

its been 5 days...

KAT DOGG a.k.a Selupat

he is big,furry, and hes eyes are always dirty (if ya know what i mean). a persian. a cross between a birman and a himalayan. please please find him ;s i beg of youuu....

god. geram gila masa dia hilang. i mean,duh, mesti dapat duit if jual. why didnt anyone want him when he was skinny,ugly and alone at that restaurant?? sekarang bila orang dah gemukkan dia,groom him everyday, baru nak amik? geh. fuck you. like hello,kucing macam tu mestilah ada tuan. nak curi? tak malu ;p

NGEEEIIHH. FFFFFFFFFIIIIINNNEEEEEEEEE. i hope he shits a lot at your crib!!! ;p

i only uploaded one photo of him. i hate using blogger's photo uploader because its sooo shity.
you cant even put the picture in the middle of your post. crappy blog. *@UU(*&#*)#&^^$@!*


band has been exhausting these last few days. tryna teach some new people, learning new scores, bla bla bla bla. and what sucks now is that everytime we started warming up, which started by running,i tend to suffer painful ........suffering lah at the right side of my tummy. ainnura told me to go for a check-up because it might be my kidney. errkkk =.=' dont wanna go to doctor x((


"My name's Victoria, I'm 15 years old and i dont care what ma momma says I'm GONNA HAVE A BABY! I wold do WHATEVER it takes to take care OF MA BABY! if it comes to prostituting ma body THEN SO BE IT! I'm gonna dress ma baby in all branded names! If i cant support it, then i guess i'm gonna STEAL IT! ma momma thinks that i'm not ready to have a baby, but i have everything ma baby's gonna need. If ma baby gets cold,and it needs a blanket, its alright cuz AAAIIII have it! and if ma baby needs clothes,its cool,i have TONS of them. And if ma baby looses a pacifier,i have three more. I'm not having sex with not ONE, TWO, but THREEE different GUYS. I'm a player,but thats cool, cuz i got it like THAT! Ma life game is to be outta school, to be on GIRLS GONE WILD, and to have ma baby and theres nothing ma stupid mother can say to change ma mind."

u must be wondering, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT??!!
go to youtube and search- Maury Show- 15 Year Old has had sex over 300 times!

yeapap. go ahead. i know u wanna. cant post it here because of stoooopid blogger. i hate u blogger. bluek.