Thursday, November 08, 2007


tadi i posed with a knife in my hand :D lol.

and my sis was like,

pose dgn pisau tapi takut pegang pisau. poyo je

yeah. well, WHATEVER :p

long time no blog. eheeh. found out that people acctually reads my blog. i think. riza reads my blog :DDDDD

that was soooo unexpected xD


current issues going on:
zk and i are single. and were...i dunno...lonely? xD its not that were desperate or anything but looking around and seeing other people being soo lovey dovey with their current or to be bfs/gfs. come to think of it,i am kinda healous. ;p. oh oh, and we even talked about marriage! xDDDDDD
trust me,this is normal. wait till u hear about the "other" thing we always talk about. it always involve our future. :DDD if there are guys in our school, theyll be like.. " o.o oh shit i soo dont want to get married."

woops (:

wohpie no band this saturday. yeeehaaa.

will blog if something suddenly pops from the ground. see ya.