Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pavi up up and away

this picture clearly states, " Dear, i'm into your bestfriend " :)
oh so true. what a masterpiece.


i went out today. and i bumped into EERA and HAJAR :D :D :D :D

cool eyh? miahaha.

all and all,it was a great day :)

took pictures and will be uploaded later. ryessa have to run other errands also kan.

busy woman editing everybody's pictures. haih. she should get paid. with solid green =D

i think i dah tawaf pavilion semua. sampai kaki sakit pakai heels. hehe

and we got drinks at dome. rye had peach tea and i had green tea. mmm

and why am i telling you all this? tidak masuk periksa sebenarnya so goodbye bloggie :)