Monday, May 26, 2008

alkisah seorang indon pecah rumah

this woman named INOT ( i know..mcm supir..) suka cari gado you know.

please la,do you happen to own a mirror? muka berjerawat satu muka sampai pecah masa orang tengah makan. ewwwwwwwwwwww apetite hilang la weyh!

dont try to blame iylia because boyfriend you cheat on you. lia pun xtau yang dia dah couple. see?
salah siapa sekarang?

and i pity you oh so much that your current boyfriend is just using you. your a sugamama now (;

so please. its so unlike me to be rude in public. especially kat my blog.

your telling people to get a life,when your intruding others' lives. so yang cari pasal kat blog orang sekarang ni lah yang xde life.

seriously,i'm not mad at you. i just pity you so so much :)