Sunday, July 27, 2008

post 102

i would like to say SORRY to muaz =(
i didnt get to teman u kat tuition. garrh sorry sorry sorry sorry


trial is near. i bet everyone is studying their butts off right now.

but here i am, Hanan Syahmi As'ad. couldnt care less about her studies. sitting in front of the pc with a blank mind while her fingers danced across the keyboard gracefully.

belgh :p note to self; have to be less dramatic in future. this is reality. not a fairytale :(

sooooo, my sister got her Crew t-shirts alias her Uniform xD

baju mbc tak cantik this year. its WHITE. and the sponsors are printed on the shirt too.
then theres this huge font that goes KLWMBC CREW at the back of the shirt. BAHAHAHA buruk yet ugly xD ha ha ha

and to add on top of that, my sister has to wear not only that, but a hideous (kot la) vest. miahah. go sissy.

oh oh! i dah tgk batman :)

haha zkay zkay,
nak tgk batman ke dark night?

bahahahaha =D