Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheer Comp 08



we also won the award for Best Supporters :) hehe thats me! thats me!

i know our team did a greaaatt job even though i didnt get to see them perform. which really was a real slapper. we got lost while finding our way there. yeah, dont ask why.

as for adele, i've got no comment. this is your last year is it? well i tak tau.

today was tiring. i have a sore throat now :) hehe

but i didnt get to meet my sayang. damn it. a real bummer :( he was busy. so nevermind. and i was being bitchy. i've got no credit to reply his texts x( *slaps face*

anyway, i'm quite shocked with the results. i dont find their routine ( you know who ) like... meng-aww and woah kan. you get what i mean? like the sparks not there. dont get me wrong, they were good, but i think they did better before. dont cha think?

and this team salah award. they thought they won it but another team did. amat memalukan juga but nasib baik sekolah sama ehh. haha x)

next event : NAT COMP.

and its on a WEEKDAY. so, mmg harapan la i boleh dtg ye syg :)